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Do you wonder what some of our activities are all about? What is a bunka? Who are Chicks with Sticks? Cards or Card Making, Knitting or Hooking, Moves or Movies, whatever your interests, we have it. Or we can make it happen. Here are some explanations so you can join in. Most activities have two or three experienced people willing to guide you on your journey to joy and relaxation.



Working in Acrylics
Working in Acrylics

Art Studio


This relaxing three hour studio is a place for artists working in any media. We paint, draw, and chat, helping each other with encouragement, suggestions, and the flow of creative energy in the room.

Artists in Residence:

Sharon Stein

Lynn Steiner

Rug Hooked Coasters
Rug Hooked Coasters

Rug Hooking


Prescott Hoops and Hooks meet twice a month to hook rugs. Rug hooking is easy to learn and relaxing to do. We work with burlap, wool strips, and a hook. We hold the wool strips under the burlap, and pull up loops with the hook. Anyone in the group will show you how it’s done and in five minutes get you started on a lifetime hobby. We make rugs, wall hangings, coasters, and other decorative objects. We hook for three hours, with coffee, treats and conversation to sustain us. Membership in Prescott Hoops and Hooks is $5 a year



Hardanger is a form of embroidery traditionally worked with white thread on white even-weave cloth, using counted-thread and drawn-thread techniques. It is sometimes called white work embroidery.



Bunka is a form of Japanese embroidery originating around the turn of the 20th century. Bunka artists use a specialized embroidery needle and rayon threads to create very detailed pictures that resemble oil paintings. Unlike some other forms of embroidery, bunka is fragile and is usually presented as artwork rather than as clothing adornment. Bunka has gained in popularity since the advent of numbered kits, which provide a step-by-step guide to producing artwork. The Bunka Babes will be happy to get you started on your first project.

A winning hand?
A winning hand?



Bridge, Euchre, Snap, Fish, name your game.

Pool and Shuffleboard


The boys in the basement enjoy a game of pool weekly. They welcome new players, any age, any ability. There's a shuffleboard table, too, if that's your style.

Nordic Walking
A Nordic walking group meets at Walker House on Friday mornings, except for the summer season.  Those who walk for stability and balance meet at 8:30 am and walk around the waterfront for half an hour. Those who walk for fitness meet at 9 am and walk for an hour. The poles and techniques are different for these two purposes.
Walker House will subsidize the cost of attending a Nordic walking clinic with Sue Turner, a certified Urban Poling instructor, to learn about the poles, techniques and health benefits, and to help you decide which walking group is most appropriate for you. For more information on Nordic walking, clinics, or to purchase or rent Urban Poles, the Canadian brand recommended by Sue, please visit her website at or contact her at or 613-213-0869.