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Lawn Yoga

Ann Rees made this beautiful star, which was won by Cindy in our charity draw.

Ghoul-ash and Ghost in the Graveyard, the lunch treats for October.

Sorry they're sideways. Must have fallen over in the high winds of Halloween.

One crazy day, all four Scrabble players arrived wearing orange. Joyce, Mary, Lorraine, Sally.

A few minutes later, another member arrived, also wearing orange. Mary, Sally, Heather, Lorraine, Joyce.

The group is intent on the Lunch and Learn presentation on the Revolutionary War at Fort Oswegatchie with Michael. August 2017

Pat, Michael, Susan and Irene at Lunch and Learn, August 2017.

High-Five from the Nordic Walking group.

Nordic walkers do lunch.

Yoga on the lawn.

Fun times at the Perth Garlic Festival. Walker House Members pose with the 22,000 lb Giant Cheese.

Hardanger. Looks complicated. Not so much.

Wednesday Afternoon Art Studio. In the foreground, Sharon Stein is giving a sketching lesson to the two girls, and the others, are doing their own thing. 

So...from left to right..Brenda Whiteford, Sharon Stein, Ann Drewett, Barb Marshall, Rolande Theriault, Margot Hamblen, Lynn Steiner.

Pat visits India on our tea travels. 

We're off to Sri Lanka to enjoy the teas and culinary delights. Susan said her cake was an epic fail. Maybe it looked a little wobbly, but it sure tasted good!

Trips, Activities, Crafts, Classes, Meals, Movies, Garden Parties, Special Events,

    .....all brought to you by......Walker House!

Around the world with tea sommelier Susan.

Today's session, tea pairing with chocolate.

Today the tea group went to Hawaii to sample delectable Hawaiian teas and pair them with traditional Hawaiian foods like spam puffs, banana bread, macadamia nuts, and tropical fruits cake.  

Mosaic pendants - we had so much fun we all want to come back for the second class.

A new crop of Tanglers explore some Zentangle crafts.

Members enjoy dinner at the Green Papaya in Ottawa before heading for Ian Farthing's performance of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Jewellery class. The prototype. The results were fantastically different. See above


Our member Gunter with his seascape.

A lark of Zentangles created by our new Entangling Squad.

A lark of Zentanglers.

Some of the trays and tables we created at Cindy Lanneville's mosaic workshops.