February 12 - We’re storming the Community Centre! 


This Thursday is the week we will be taking coffee and treats to the Leo Boivin Community Centre for the town’s indoor walking club. Meet us there with your walking shoes any time between 9:30 and 11. Call me if you need a ride from the west end of town and I can bring you with me when I run the coffee over.


We have had a hard time choosing what painted signs to do with Yvette when she returns for another workshop but, fortunately for us, she is very accommodating and will allow us to choose from 3 different projects! For $10 members can create the sweet bicycle with the floral basket or for $15 you can chose from either the freehanded spring bunny tall sign or the Leprechaun. How can we possibly decide??All materials will be included again and you just need to bring your coffee mug and of course make up your mind which piece you would like to do. Please ensure you have signed up by February 21st at the latest so Yvette can prepare the boards and check out our Facebook page to see her samples if you weren’t at the first workshop. This takes place at the health centre on Monday February 24th at 9am and the floral should take a little less time than the two tall signs which will likely take until 1 or so. Yvette graciously gave us an Olde Thymes gift basket for a draw from the 27 names on our list from last week and Colleen’s number 22 was drawn. (the gentleman who chose the number is a Mike Bossy fan)


We have two delicious February events for you – our supper club returns on the 25th at 5 with a Mardi Gras potluck. Lucky me, I found a couple of strings of shiny beads so I’m ready to go! There is no cost to attend except for your contribution to the buffet table and from what I’ve overheard, the menu is going to be spectacular! Our member’s lunch is taking place on Friday the 28th with a sweetheart pasta table. Load up your plate with pasta and choose from red marinara or creamy white Alfredo sauce, chicken breast or meatballs and sautéed veggies to make your favourite dish. Classic sides include Caesar salad and garlic bread and we are baking sweet strawberry brownies for dessert.


Our second “Caring for our Caregivers” session is happening on Thursday February 20th at the health centre and Walker House at 1pm and this time with Ottawa Art Therapy you will be creating Intention Boxes for the caregiver’s session at Walker House and a Close Connection Box for the partner’s session at the health centre. From their description, it sounds like a meaningful project that will be a pleasure to make and keep. We will be gathering together for a sweet afternoon tea when our sessions are finished and there is no cost to join. Couples must pre-register with me at 613-925-5300, through Mary at Alzheimer’s Lanark Leeds Grenville, or through your Parkinson’s Support Group and we have a snow day already reserved for the following Thursday, the 27th if weather interferes. This is open to anyone in the community; membership is not required.

Here are this week’s card results:

Monday Bridge: 1st- Ron Harvie, 2nd- Mona Smith, 3rd- Karen Burningham.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Joanne Walsh.

Euchre: 1st- Jessie Shaver, 2nd- Alice Milne, 3rd- Walter Picavet, consolation prize went to Janet.



January 26 - 2020 Vision (our first ever column in the new South Grenville Journal)


I’m so grateful to be back in print! Before I write anything else, I want to mention that two alternate ways to keep in touch with Walker House and get news from us are by signing up for our email list (send one to me at walkerhouse@prescott.ca) or check us out on Facebook. Coming up soon we have our potluck dinner to celebrate Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year) taking place here on Tuesday, January 28th at 5pm. Sign up and bring your favourite Asian dish to share and if you have souvenirs or photos from a visit to the Far East, bring those along too. We are planning to host a dinner every month or so to share other culture’s cuisines and each others company and I look forward to having your input about how we structure these going forward. This is a true potluck so just bring your favourite for the table and I will have pots of green tea of course but you are welcome to bring your favourite drink.


We also have our AGM and member’s appreciation lunch coming up on Friday, the 31st at 11:30. We’re having a pork dinner for just $5 and a short meeting to meet your fantastic board of directors.  Our menu includes pork with a mushroom sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, veggies and salad with pumpkin pie and whipped cream for dessert. I encourage all members to attend and bring their feedback and invite all of you to consider becoming part of the board.  We have been a bit of a construction site for the past weeks, but most of the work is nearing completion and we want to open a conversation about 2020 and what you envision Walker House to be in the future. Jo will be here renewing memberships if you are one of the majority who renew in January. 


The first week of February brings us a new “Words of Wisdom” on Monday February 3rd from 10-11:30. These monthly topics are brought to us by the Lanark Leeds Grenville Alzheimer Society but they are open to anyone in the community who would benefit so we thank them for their support. This month Celia Carter from the Royal Ottawa is presenting on “Ambiguous Loss” and offers support for anyone whose loved one is experiencing declining health. It is not often acknowledged how difficult it is to deal with someone who is still present, but not the same person that they once were.

On the same morning at the health centre from 9-1 we have a special grant funded workshop with Yvette from Olde Thymes. Members of Walker House are invited to paint a charming 3 foot tall porch sign with gnomes for the low price of $15. We have lots of elbow room so we will be very comfortable and there will be soup and coffee included along with all supplies.  Hop on to our facebook page or come in to see a photo of this charmer!

Here are this week’s card winners. If you want to see your name in the paper and know how to play, join in. Players rotate through the room, so you don’t need to come with a partner.

Euchre (Thursdays at 1:30): 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Jean McCrady, 3rd- Brian Milne, consolation- Jessie Shaver.

Bridge (Mondays at 1pm) 1st- Ron Harvie, 2nd- Joan Salmon, 3rd- John Walsh.

Bridge (Saturdays at 1:30) 1st-Brian Milne, 2nd- Bob McVicar.

We also play bid euchre on Fridays at 1 and the gang will teach anyone who knows how to play euchre this fun variation.


January 11 - Changing Times

Happy New Year everyone! As you are no doubt aware, the Prescott Journal is on hiatus for a couple of weeks as they deal with a period of transition. In the meantime, may I suggest that you like and follow our page on Facebook? It’s the best way for me to get information out to members quickly. Its also a place where you can share your events that may be of interest to other members . You can keep an eye out for us to appear in Uncle Bucks every few weeks and also to be returning to (what I understand is to be called) the new South Grenville Journal with my weekly column.

Here are some events and dates to be aware of in the mean time:

-If you have signed up for our day trip to see “Hamilton” performed in Toronto in May please come in with your payment to hold your seat. This trip is open to anyone who wants to join us; membership is not required. Here are the details if you’d like to come. We depart Walker House at 7:15am on May13th and will have a pick up  at Food Basic in Brockville if you prefer. We have excellent seats in the centre mezzanine for the 1:30 performance at the Ed Mirvish theatre and should arrive in plenty of time to have lunch at your choice of the many restaurants in the neighbourhood (you  have choices from Burger King to sushi so there is something for everyone’s taste and budget) We board our coach after the performance to head home with a dinner stop along the way. Tickets for the coach and theatre are just $230.


-Our AGM and member’s appreciation lunch is on January 31st at 11:30 for the low, low price of $5. This is a great chance to get to know your volunteer board and show your appreciation for their efforts.


-We also have a special dinner party planned for Tuesday, January 28th at 5 to celebrate Chinese New Year. This holiday is more accurately known as Lunar New Year because it is celebrated in Chinese communities around the world but also in Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and many other Asian countries. Sign up if you can so I know how many tables to set and we will gather to share in a pot luck feast. You are welcome to bring souvenirs, decorations, stories, and fun facts about this special celebration to share along with your Asian dish of choice.


Monday morning will be the first of two Art Therapy Sessions thanks to the generous support of the Ontario Seniors Secretariat.


When we are caring for a loved one with a chronic degenerative illness it is often very difficult to take time to also care for ourselves because respite care is limited. This special program offers caregivers a chance to engage in art therapy with others who understand their challenges while at the same time their loved ones are engaged in art therapy designed for their abilities. Caregiver can relax and enjoy their time knowing that their loved one is safely enjoying a similar experience.


All the caregiver sessions will take place at Walker House with the client sessions taking place next door at the health centre community room. We will gather at Walker House for a meal and social time after our sessions are complete. You are welcome to sign up for one or both sessions and there is no charge to participate.


To register or for more information, please contact Susan Vallom at Walker House at 613-925-5300 or by email atwalkerhouse@prescott.ca.

Session number one starts at 10am on Monday January 13th with a snow date of Monday, January 20th. We will gather for lunch at noon before we depart for home. 

Session number 2 takes place on Thursday, February 20th at 12:30 and we will gather for afternoon tea at 2:30.


All the art therapy is being delivered by Ottawa Art Therapy.

Take care, stay warm and safe and I will be in touch again next week!

December 30 - Caring for our Caregivers 


I’m so pleased to be offering a very special opportunity to our caregivers thanks to the generous support of the Ontario Seniors Secretariat.

When we are caring for a loved one with a chronic degenerative illness it is often very difficult to take time to also care for ourselves because respite care is limited. This special program offers caregivers in our region a chance to engage in art therapy with their peers while at the same time their loved ones are engaged in art therapy designed for their abilities. Caregivers will be able to relax and enjoy their time knowing that their loved one is safely enjoying a similar experience.

All the caregiver sessions will take place in the main room at Walker House with a focus on self-care and resiliency exploration through the creative process. For their partners, the session will focus on connection, sensory engagement and self-expression through art and take place next door at the health centre community room. Both groups will gather at Walker House for a meal and social time after our sessions are complete. Anyone in our community is welcome to sign up for one or both sessions; membership is not required and there is no charge to participate.

To register or for more information, please contact Susan Vallom at Walker House at 613-925-5300 or by email at walkerhouse@prescott.ca.

Session number one starts at 10am on Monday January 13th with a snow date of Monday, January 20th. We will gather for lunch at noon before we depart for home. Session number 2 takes place on Thursday, February 20th at 12:30 and we will gather for afternoon tea at 2:30. The workshops are being delivered by Ottawa Art Therapy.

Dates to mark on your calendar in January include Tuesday, January 28th at 5pm. We are going to celebrate Lunar New Year (often known as Chinese New Year) with our version of a supper club. Our “dinner diversion” will include pot luck with our favourite Asian cuisine and I invite everyone to bring stories, photos, souvenirs, and fun facts to share about Asia while we eat. Sign up please so I know how many tables to set and please feel welcome to bring a guest.

Friday, January 31st at 11:30 we have our AGM and will be offering our lunch at a special rate of $5 to thank all of our wonderful members who make Walker House the very best place to be!

Happy New Year Everyone!


December 17 -- You Made the Nice List!

This is the last week to take one of the fabulous fresh greenery classes with Donna before we break for Christmas. I want to be sure everyone is clear about the dates because I mistakenly wrote Friday the 19th of December for our centrepiece workshop this week. The correct answer is Thursday December 19th at 1pm in the upstairs activity room. The balsam wreath workshop is Wednesday morning at 9:30am in the main room. We did two workshops with Donna last week and she made it so easy that everyone left with beautiful items!

Our Friday morning knitters and both Monday and Saturday bridge players are the only groups that let me know they would like to play through the break. I will be popping in a few times but for all intents and purposes the office will be closed from the 23rd of December through January 3rd. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a fantastic holiday full of fun and safe travels if you are visiting or expecting company. I made an early start on Christmas this year with my nearest and dearest at my house this past weekend and I’d like to thank Ben, the Property Guy, who has been hosting Santa at his office on King St for the town. He and Santa’s elf Dana made room for all 14 of us to have our picture taken on Saturday afternoon and we had a chance to tell Santa how very good we have been this year. He assured us that we made the “nice” list (and he said not to worry because you were looking good too!)

This week’s card results are:

Monday Bridge; 1st- Ron Shannon, 2nd- Diane O’Connor, 3rd- Mona Smith

 Saturday Bridge: 1st- Mary Typhair, 2nd- Ron Harvie

Euchre: 1st- Alice Milne, 2nd- Walter Picavet, 3rd- Micheline Cook, consolation, Elaine Bolton. 

Reminder that Bridge will continue to be played without interruption over the holidays, but euchre will not be played on the 26th. See you all in 2020!


December 10,  -- It’s Time to Pick Up Your Tickets for Saturday

We always have a busy house full of laughter and wonderful food at our holiday meal and last Friday was no exception! A good number of us participated in our sock gift exchange and I was blown away by how many wonderful things our ingenious members packed into their little stockings. From the looks of the loot, we have all been very, very good! We also packed the week full of craft classes making wreaths with Kandy and carving soapstone with Joe (you’ll see a couple of them on our beautiful tree) I must thank Irene and Jo who helped me decorate. I always enjoy how festive it looks once the garlands and tree are up. If you want to see it; pop over to our Facebook page and you’ll see photos from many of the events with the tree featured prominently in the background. We were very pleased to have Minister Steve Clark drop by to make an announcement on behalf of Raymond Cho, the Minister for Seniors and Accessibility for Ontario. We are so fortunate to have the financial support of our town and from the province as a Seniors Active Living Centre. Without them and our volunteers we would not be able to offer such a variety of programs at the low membership fee of $15 a year.

I will be busy with an early family Christmas celebration on Saturday when a few of you are heading to the Irving Berlin concert in Brockville. I have your tickets here for pick-up any time this week, but it’s a good idea to phone at 613-925-5300 to make arrangements in case I have to pop out when you are coming by. It’s also time to drop in with payment for our spring trip to see Hamilton so please come in at your earliest convenience with cash or a cheque made out to Walker House for $230 to keep your spot.

There is still room for a few more members to participate in most of Green Things workshops for just $10 each. (Why yes, these are some of the workshops being subsidized for members by the grant that Minister Clark was referring to) Wednesday the 11th at the health centre will be porch pots, Friday morning the 13th at 9:30 at Walker House we will be making floral centrepieces and we will do a repeat workshop upstairs on the afternoon of the 19th for those who want it closer to Christmas day.  In between we have an evergreen wreath workshop here on the morning of the 18th. I have enjoyed Donna’s work from afar many times and can’t wait to try my hand at these lovely creations!

I am scheduling the holiday break for some anticipated electrical work here and would appreciate hearing from the group convenors with who would like to meet and who will be taking a hiatus between the 23rd and the 3rd of January. Up to now I know that bridge and euchre will continue to meet as scheduled so you can get your cards on here.

This week’s results are:

Monday Bridge: 1st-Mona Smith, 2nd- Barb Berry, 3rd- Candy Alexander.

Saturday, 1st-Cay Brown, 2nd- John Walsh.

Euchre: 1st- Gordon Randall, 2nd- Hazel Wallace, 3rd- Micheline Cook, consolation Walter Picavet.


December 3 -- We Feast on Friday!

If ever there was a good day to have a bus driver to chauffeur us home it was Sunday. The skies were still clear during the concert’s intermission, but as it finished we stepped out into a crazy new world of ice and snow. Our driver got us safely here and we intrepid travellers only had to venture forth from Walker House to home.

We have many more Christmas activities planned for the month starting with two full craft classes this week and our holiday member’s lunch this Friday the 6th at 11:30 which still has room for more.  Please sign up at 925-5300 or email walkerhouse@prescott.ca if you’d like to join us for turkey and ham and all the trimmings. Don’t forget to bring your socks if you wish to participate in the gift exchange. Buy a nice new pair of socks and fill one of them with little gifts. When you arrive for lunch, drop the matching sock into our basket and place the filled “stocking” on our side table. Your budget is between $15-$20. Men should bring men’s socks with men’s goodies and the women will do the same for us and that way we will all win an appropriate pair!

I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve for our Tuesday afternoon craft group but in addition we have workshops with Donna from Green Things that all members are welcome to sign up for. We are subsidizing these for members so they only cost $10 and you will go home with a gorgeous fresh green or floral arrangement. On the 11th at the health centre at 1:30 we meet to make porch arrangements and we’ll have a choice from a variety of containers. On Friday the 13th in the morning we will be meeting here at Walker House at 9:30 to make floral table centrepieces and on the 18th we meet here at 9:30 to make outdoor wreaths. Hoops and Hooks is celebrating with a lunch on the 11th and then breaking until January 8th.

As I prepare my year-end and think ahead to 2020 I want to invite all our groups to submit their wish lists for supplies that they need or requests for new programs or trips. Some of our best events have grown out of a newspaper article that some clipped for me or a request that seemed far-fetched until we did it, so please keep them coming!

Here are the card results for this week:

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Mona Smith, 2nd- Carole Rafuse. 

Monday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown, 2nd- Joanne Walsh, 3rd- Diane O’Connor.

Euchre: 1st- 1st- Suzanne, 2nd- Lise, 3rd-Hazel, consolation-Walter.


October 12 - Hamilton – not just a city near Toronto!


Thanksgiving is right around the corner so just a reminder that I will not be in the office on Monday and there won’t be Grow Young Fitness that morning but as I write this I have not heard that bridge will be cancelled so check with Mona this week to be sure, but most likely there will be cards happening. I hope you all enjoy the holiday,  that your turkey is moist, your pumpkin pie is perfectly spiced, and that you have lots to be thankful for! We are thankful for Mayfield who provided the delicious cake for our fall favourites lunch at the end of September. I had a lot to report last week and did not get to mention it in my column, but there was not a crumb left!

I had to laugh last week after I mentioned our trip to “Hamilton” in my column. I either had people questioning why we were so excited to go there or musical theatre fans calling just thrilled that we got tickets and signing up before I even had final details for you! I’ve looked at all the options near the Ed Mirvish theatre for lunch and I’ve decided not to include one. Within steps of the theatre there is a Tim Horton’s, Burger King, Popeye’s Chicken, and pizza, sushi, and pubs, and so on, so I will be leaving the choice up to each individual to venture as far as they are comfortable and to spend what they wish on lunch (or indeed to pack one and bring it along on the bus) so here then, are the details so you can sign up!

On Wednesday, May 13th 2020 we have centre mezzanine tickets for the matinee and the cost including the coach ride is just $230. In order to be sure none of our members are disappointed, I am keeping ticket sales to members only until November. I will hold seats for your friends who are not members, but I won’t guarantee their spot until then. The coach will be picking up at Walker House at 7:15 with a pick up in Brockville at Food Basics and then on to Toronto. We will have a quick stop on the way for coffee and a dinner break on the return trip home. Contact me (613-925-5300, walkerhouse@prescott.ca) or sign up in house on our member’s board.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Euchre: 1st-Suzanne, 2nd- Alice, 3rd- Lise, consolation: Janet.

Saturday Bridge: 1st-Carole Rafuse, 2nd- Cay Brown.

Monday Bridge: 1st- Ron Harvie, 2nd- Joanne Walsh, 3rd- Carole Rafuse.


MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.