August 13 - -What’s New at Walker House?

As we get ready to wind summer up, there is always a sense of renewal. I think it’s a hangover from school days when life began anew in September and every year we had opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. Some of the classes coming up soon here include finger painting which also makes me think of school but you will never see this piece hanging in any kindergarten!! Most people so far do not believe that the beautiful lighthouse painting hanging in our main room is the finger painting mentioned on the sign up sheet but it certainly is. Jackie promises that we can do it and she has never led us astray before! The workshop is just $10 for members because we are subsidizing the class and all you need to bring is your fingers – the paint, canvas, and Jackie’s instructions are all included for you. I have the first class taking place on Wednesday the 21st of August at 1pm, and I am keeping the 10 spaces open for the regular artists to have right of first refusal before others join in. Since I suspect that will fill up we are already planning a second session for any members of any other groups in Walker House on the 11th of September, also at 1pm. We are deliberately holding the class in the art studio time slot because all new participants will be welcome to come back to work in the studio to put finishing touches on their canvas. If you have always wanted to be an artist but were intimidated – this one’s for you! If you just want to try a new technique then this is also for you! If you just loved grade school and enjoy playing with paint then you got it – this one’s for you too! I’ll post a photo of the inspiration painting on our Facebook page, or you can drop by to see the original; it’s hard to believe.

Our 1pm Tuesday craft group has very happily been learning a simple and cute crochet slipper pattern and now that we are ticking along with Marnie Robinson’s gracious help, we would be happy to share our knowledge with anyone who wants to jump in. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this crochet thing! I just needed to keep trying apparently. You will need a 4.5 or 5 crochet hook because our supply of hooks is dry in that size but we have lots of yarn that you can use and we have the pattern copied and ready to go. I am also happy to announce that Roxie is returning with a more specialised crochet style: Amigurumi. This method of crocheting helps you make beautiful stuffies for children that are tightly crocheted. You will need to have basic crochet skills to take this workshop (I think I am finally there!) and it will be offered in two time slots with smaller class sizes so that everyone has lots of teacher time. The first workshop will take place on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30- tea time starting on the 27th of August and continuing on the 3rd and 10th of September. The second session will be offered in the evenings on Thursdays at 7 to 8:30 on the 12th, 19th, and 26th of September. The cost for Walker House members is covered by our program dollars, so you will want to stop by or check Face Book, to see the sizes of bears you can create and that will let you know what weight of yarn and what size hook you need. We have loads of small balls in various colours to use for scarves and noses and if you are not creating this for a baby, Roxie also has sweet little eyes you can attach.

Another fun activity that we want to try out with our craft group is taking the historic walks on Tuesdays after we finish with crafts at around 3:30. We have borrowed a copy of Prescott Promenades and thought when the weather is cooperating that we will head out for a walk and explore our beautiful town. This is not written in stone, but will take place on Tuesdays when the sun is shining and we have eager people here with their walking shoes on.  

Our coach to Montebello and the Twist fibre fest still has some room so if anyone wants to join us, just be here before 8:45 on Thursday morning and hop on!

I will be taking the week of the 19-23rd of August off to prepare for our community musical, Cabaret. It’s always so much fun and yet absolutely terrifying at the same time!!!

Here are the bridge scores for this week:

Saturday: 1st- 1st- Valerie Schulz, 2nd- Cay Brown.

Monday: 1st- Joanne Walsh, 2nd- Ron Harvie, 3rd- Valerie Schulz.


August 6 - Alegria was Breathtaking!

I heard lots of superlatives used to describe our experience at Cirque du Soleil on Saturday, but “magical” was the one that summed it up best for me – “Alegria; re-imagined” was absolutely magical and I am so glad I went and shared it with 55 other fabulous people! If you have a chance to get to Gatineau and see it before it moves on, we can highly recommend it.

We have four more trips in August and even if they are sold out, I always take a waiting list so do call if you’d like to join us at 925-5300. First off is our trip by coach to visit Montebello and the Twist Fibre Festival in St Andre Avellin and it still has seats available. Participants have the choice of spending the afternoon in the village and making the short walk to the Chateau Montebello or making a brief stop there and then hopping on the coach to journey down the road to the fibre festival for a few hours. We will of course, return to pick up the browsers in the village before we head home loaded down with fleece, and yarns all things fibrous! We will depart from Walker House on the 16th of August at 8:45 am and the cost is currently $56, but it will go down if numbers on the bus keep rising.

Later on, we have two trips to the National Arts Centre to see Come From Away. One on Wed, August 28th departs from here at 3:45 for the evening show and the one on Saturday, August 31st departs here at 9:30am for the matinee. Both trips allow for passengers to be dropped for a visit at the Byward Market and then picked up and driven to the Arts Centre before our performance or if you prefer, the coach will also drop directly at the Arts Centre and you can wander by the canal or the Sparks St Mall and then make your way to your seat on foot. In either case, we will board our coach to return home after the show is finished.

We had a Gananoque boat cruise and lunch offered to us in partnership with the lunch bunch at Alzheimers Lanark Leeds Grenville and we quickly took all the seats available on their school bus, but if people wish to drive to the Gananoque Inn they can join the group for lunch and the cruise for just $40 and I am starting a wait list for the school bus which departs Walker House at 10:30am. Mary would like to have our final numbers by August 16th please.

Here in our house we are looking forward to another good lunch on the 30th of August. We’ll be making toasted caramelized ham and swiss buns to enjoy with creamy harvest vegetable soup and pumpkin pie with ice cream for dessert. Our lunches need advanced sign up please and they cost $8 and begin at 11:30.

We are continuing our Thursday afternoon movies at 1pm with, “A Dogs Purpose” on August 8th so bring your Kleenex!

Holiday Monday bridge results:

 1st-Mona Smith, 2nd- Valerie Schulz, 3rd- Findlay Hill.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Bob McVicar, 2nd- Findlay Hill.

July 30 - Hearing Support Available at Walker House


     Our turkey dinner was a huge hit as it always is in July. I enjoy working together in the kitchen with our elves to prepare our feast for such an appreciative audience and our dining room looked so festive. We even put up a little tree for our gifts! I must have been a very good girl, because I got a Tim’s card and I saw many happy faces as people opened thoughtful presents. Stan played carols for us on his harmonica (check out our facebook page for a video) and Ivy and Marg brought homemade mincemeat tarts and Christmas cake. Really, all that was missing was snow!  

      Jenny gave an excellent presentation about the Canadian Hearing Society and the services they offer to our area while we lingered over coffee and treats. Some of our members had a consultation with her afterwards and the great news is that she is willing and able to return to meet with people.

      Their services are free and they do hearing tests, clean hearing aids, and in addition they keep a library of assistive devices to loan out to people. Sometimes these devices may delay the need to purchase expensive hearing aids and they also help to boost hearing aids if your hearing changes. Do you live in a home where one person has a bigger hearing deficit than the others? There is a pretty inexpensive device that will allow for the TV to be set at a lower volume and it just amplifies the sound into a pair of comfy earphones (or even by Bluetooth right into hearing aids) so that everyone can enjoy TV together. Want to try before you buy? Borrow one from their library for a test run. If you are interested in learning more, please just let me know and I will book a time for Jenny to return so you can meet her without having to travel to Kingston. 

   Our movie this Thursday at 1 is “Christopher Robin”. Last week, “Murder Mystery” got rave reviews but we turkey carvers didn’t get out of the kitchen to see it. We also didn’t get to have our wellness walk as the heavens opened and the thunder and lightning struck just as it was about to begin at 4. In order to keep to our schedule, we are postponing Una’s Chakra Walk to the last Thursday in September. I will remind you as we get closer and hope for good weather for Martina’s yoga walk on August 29th. There will not be Grow Young fitness on Monday due to the civic holiday.

   I am so looking forward to our trip to Gatineau this Saturday, even if I am having a hard time imagining that August is already here! I’ll see you at Walker House by 12:30 please to check in before we board our (nicely air conditioned) coach. 


Monday Bridge’s winners are 1st- Joan Salmon, 2nd- Brian Milne, 3rd- John Walsh.

Saturday Mona Smith came first and Bob McVicar second.

July 23 Book your hearing consultation for July 26th

Cirque du Soleil is only 2 weeks away! I can’t believe August is so close; it feels like summer just got started. We will be leaving on Saturday, August 3rd from Walker House at 12:45 and stopping for a late lunch at your expense at the Mandarin (or a neighbouring restaurant if you chose) and then heading on to Gatineau for our big top performance at 4:30. We will be returning home directly after the show.

We invited the Alzheimer Society Lanark Leeds Grenville to join us on our visit to the Springer Theatre last Saturday for Anne of Green Gables and had a very special afternoon. We always travel well together so we have been invited to join in on a 1-hour cruise sailing out of Gananoque on Friday, August 23rd with them. This cruise will take you through the narrow channels of the Admiralty and Navy group of islands on the most intimate tour the 1000 Islands has to offer.

Your ticket includes: Return bus transportation, Buffet lunch at the Gananoque Inn and Spa, and a 1hr boat cruise into the 1000 Islands. A friend of the group has graciously donated the cost of the bus so the price is only $40 for this event. The main floor of the boat and the restaurant are fully accessible and no passport is required since we stay on the boat for the length of the cruise.

Pick up at Walker House will be at 10:30am or be at Food Basics in Brockville for a pick up at 10:45. The buffet lunch is at 11:30 followed by a 1:30 boat cruise and departure for home at 2:45. To register you can sign up here or call or email Mary Campbell at 613-345-7392, ext 103 or

We finish off our month here with two more Thursday movie afternoons (Murder Mystery this week and Christopher Robin on the 1st of August – both start at 1), this Thursday at 4 pm meet us at the lighthouse with $2 to take a wellness walk and learn about the chakras with Una, and of course, our much anticipated Christmas in July turkey lunch on the 26th at 11:30! Our guest speaker will be from the Canadian Hearing Society and she has time to stay and hold a clinic and offer 5-½ hour sessions – please sign up if you’d like to take advantage of her visit.


Monday Bridge results were 1st- Valerie Schulz, 2nd- Diane O’Connor, 3rd- Brian Milne, and on Saturday 1st place went to Brian Milne, and second to Joanne Walsh.

July 16 It’s Summer Theatre Season!


If you enjoy live theatre like I do, then this is the best time of year to live in our area! We are blessed with so many opportunities within a short drive of us. My absolute favourite is an easy walk down to the amphitheatre at our beautiful marina to attend the St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival performances. I typically volunteer for front of the house many times over the 5 week run.

It's been a few years since Walker House volunteered as a group and new members have been asking me how they can be a part of the fun. It really is the most enjoyable work; being a part of all the excitement and welcoming visitors to our town and to the shows. I am happy to walk you through how to sign up for shifts and can show you how to use the interactive spreadsheet so you can sign up to work alongside friends.

Of course we are also travelling down the river to attend Anne of Green Gables this Saturday, the 20th and I will be at Walker House before 12:30 for anyone who wants to come get settled before our bus arrives.

We will be busy preparing for Christmas in July and I appreciate it if everyone can call in at 925-5300, or drop in to sign up as soon as possible so that we have enough turkey defrosted and ready to go (of course, we can always squeeze in a few last minute sign ups, especially since it's Christmas!) Don't forget to wrap your present if you would like to be a part of our gift exchange and keep it to $10 please. We will have Jenny from the Canadian Hearing Society giving a mini-presentation with our dessert and coffee, and she will also be available for clinic afterwards for up to 5 people for a half hour assessment. Jenny will be bringing some of the assistive devices they offer for her presentation and explain their borrowing program. I'll have a sign up sheet for the afternoon's appointments and Jenny will return for future clinics periodically for those who can't attend on the 26th. 

Don't forget to drop by on Thursday afternoons at 1pm for popcorn and a movie. "La La Land" is on the 18th, "Murder Mystery" on the 25th, and "Christopher Robin" on August 1st. We will be holding our Groove classes afterwards at their usual time of 3:45 to burn off the popcorn, except for the 25th when we will be joining the Wellness Walk, which departs the lighthouse at 4pm. For just a twoonie, anyone can join in and this month we will be taking a Chakra Stroll with the lovely Una Rhodes as our facilitator.


Bridge winners this week were:

Monday, 1st- Karen Burningham, 2nd- Bev Ortega, 3rd- Doris Mossman.

Saturday, 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Mary Typhair.

July 2  -- You Better Watch Out – You Better Not Cry!

July is shaping up to be a great month here, so why not stop in for a visit? Coffee and Scrabble continues every Tuesday ten to noon . Thanks so much to Ivy who comes early and sets up and always brings a treat to share. It’s always cool in here and we also have a lovely gazebo and deck so we can take advantage of the nice weather and bring our mugs outside any time. Our artists have been doing just that with a plein-air session last week in the gardens at Flo’s house and they have plans to do the same with the wood carving club on the 10th of July. On the 3rd, our carvers will be visiting the town workshop to work on a project in the afternoon and there is talk of painting and carving at the Windmill later on in the summer, so they are really getting around. Our very active Bunka Babes hosted a fun day on 23rd and from all reports they had lots and lots of it – well done ladies!

I’ll be purchasing our final number of tickets for Anne of Green Gables this week so if you signed up and have not made arrangements for paying, please do that. I have one more day trip to add to our calendar now – the British settlement of Hudson in Quebec. We’ve talked abut going for years, but when Barb and Dave Martin moved back there last year I promised that 2019 would be the one and so it is! We have a coach booked to go to Hudson on Saturday, September 7th so that we can spend part of the day at the legendary Finnegan’s Flea Market. The afternoon will be easy to spend in the village and it’s a short ferry ride across to the village of Oka, where the secret recipe for cheese was passed down by the Trappist monks of the Oka Abbey. There should be something for everyone on this trip with so much to see, taste, and buy, and you are welcome to bring a friend or two along – membership is not required to participate. We will depart at 8:30 from Walker House (pick ups can be arranged with Susan in Brockville or east of here) and the cost for our comfy coach ride is just $37 per person.

Our Tuesday afternoon craft group will be making a cute little bird feeder on the 16th using a china tea cup and saucer. Marthe will be helping me on the 23rd show how to make a light feature using a china teapot. I will purchase the good glue and ribbon and the strings of fairy lights. You need to bring the china and a few dollars for the lights – the rest is on me! These are really cute and quit quick and easy to make.

Last but definitely not least is our traditional turkey dinner feast for Christmas in July. It all takes place on the 26th starting at 11:30.  Our kitchen elves always earn a spot on the nice list preparing all the fixings and members are encouraged to wear their festive colours. If you would like to participate in a gift exchange, please bring a wrapped gift valued at $10 and lunch is $10 so that we can go all out! If you are not feeling “gifty”, don’t worry – everyone who brings a gift can take one from the table and if you don’t bring one, then you don’t. Easy, right?

Euchre started their summer hiatus this week but Saturday bridge results are:

1st- Joanne Walsh, 2nd- Ron Harvie.

Monday Bridge saw Geri le Clair and Mona Smith tie for first with Cay Brown coming third.

June 24  - Join us for the Adult Wellness Walk on Thursday

This week our Thursday “Groove” class is going to take it outside and join in the wellness walk with Vivian Dickie at 4pm. Unless it is storming (in which case we will have our class here at 3:45 as usual) please meet at the Dominion Lighthouse and visitor centre at the marina just before 4pm with your refillable water bottle and comfy shoes and Vivian will guide us on a riverside walk with elements of Qi Gong. These guided wellness walks are open to all adults in the community for just $2 and will take place this Thursday and also on July 25th and August 29th; no reservation is necessary and I hope to see you there!

This is last call for “Anne of Green Gables” on July 20th. Register with Susan at 925-5300 if you want to come with us. We travel by school bus to Gananoque and have fabulous seats for the matinee performance for $42 departing Walker House at 12:30.You can be picked up in Brockville if requested and all are welcome to come with us – membership is not required.

Our whittling group will be taking a field trip on the 3rd of July and going to the public works woodshop to help with a little project for one of our town parks. We continue to meet through the summer every Wednesday afternoon at 1pm and work on small projects out of wood and sometimes soap stone. We have knives you can borrow and very patient teachers who will guide you along, so jump in at any point if you’d like to try something new.

Hoops and Hooks is having its last meeting this week until the fall and enjoying a lunch to kick off vacation! Euchre will also be taking a summer hiatus to allow all the golfers and gardeners to pursue their hobbies and will resume in September. If you are a euchre player who wants to continue, you might consider joining in with the bid euchre players on Fridays at 1pm. They are happy to show you the rules if you stop by. We will take advantage of the free room on Thursday afternoons here to have some movies and games events for those who prefer their recreation to be in the air conditioning! If you are paying attention, then you will also notice that with Hoops and Hooks on hiatus that leaves our main room open every Wednesday morning. Do you have an activity that you would like to try out this summer? Let me know and I can help get it set up.

If you are a crafter who wants to make some cute accessories for your garden, we will be making a sweet bird feeder out of a china cup and saucer on Tuesday June 16th at 1 and on June 23rd the following week we will make a lighted feature using a tea pot. I tell you this now so that you can sort through your cupboards and check out garage sales or thrift shops to pick up some china. I’ll provide the good glue and ribbon on the 16th at no charge and on the 23rd we will each have to purchase one string of fairy lights that will cost under $10 depending on what I find at Costco.

Here are this week’s card results:

Euchre: 1st- Micheline Cook, 2nd- Jessie Shaver, 3rd- Alice Milne, consolation – Janet.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Joanne Walsh.

Monday Bridge: 1st-Joanne Walsh, 2nd- Brian Milne, 3rd- Candy Alexander.

June 17 Calling all Fibre Fanatics!

Technical difficulties prevented my column from making the paper last week but hopefully you got my email. If you didn’t and you are interested in keeping up with our programs, just send me an email at and ask to be put on my list. I usually send out one or two emails a month when I have new programming news to share so I have quite a few non-members on my list whose only interest is joining us for trips.

We have a deadline coming up for our July 20th visit to see Anne of Green Gables at the 1000 Islands Playhouse in Gananoque. I need to have your payment by July 4th so I can purchase our tickets and confirm our numbers. We are travelling by school bus from here at 12:30 which will give us time to take in the river views and pick up a cold drink before taking our seats for the show at 2. All are welcome to join us for the world record holder for the “longest running annual musical” for just $42.

If you have been waiting for news about the Twist Fibre Festival I need to hear from you to see if we will be able to get 30 people (or more!) interested in attending on August 16th. We will travel by coach in the morning to visit Montebello and then head over to Saint-André-Avellin for the festival’s opening to visit the many vendors. If you are interested in knitting, spinning, felting, weaving, rug hooking – this is your jam!! We need 30 people to make this a “go” and the cost at that number will be $48. If we are able to attract 40 people, it will drop to $36, so spread the word and sign up with me by mid-July. If we hit our target, I’ll book the coach and we’ll be all set!

I have 10 seats left for our August 3rd trip to Gatineau to see Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria; In a New Light. We leave Walker House by coach at 12:45 with a pick up in Spencerville and then a stop for late lunch/early dinner at the Mandarin or you are free to choose from other restaurants in the plaza. We then continue to the Big Top for the show. Tickets are $124 and open to anyone in the community who would like accompany us.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for our lunch on June 28th featuring Father’s Favourites menu of meatloaf with gravy and mashed potatoes, salad and veggies and strawberry rhubarb crisp with ice cream for dessert.

This week’s card results are:

Euchre: 1st- Alice Milne, 2nd- Micheline Cook, 3rd- Brian Milne, consolation goes to Janet.

Monday Bridge: 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Bev Ortega, 3rd- Ron Harvie. 

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Bob McVicar, 2nd- Ron Harvie.

June 11 - Could it be? Is summer finally here?

I had to make a trek over on the weekend to water our vegetable garden because it was too hot and dry to leave it for two days! Isn’t that exciting? I will be posting a watering calendar by the sign in computer if anyone is willing to adopt a few days over the next months to keep the veggies growing. We have our usual crop of herbs and easy-to-share vegetables like cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, and kale, and appreciate help keeping them healthy.

If you live in town, you’ll notice the increase in bike traffic because the St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival actors are back in town!  Don’t tell them, but I am soon going to need the final numbers for our trip to the 1000 Islands Playhouse to see Anne of Green Gables. We have centre seats in the Springer Theatre for the Saturday matinee performance on July 20th for only $42 including bus transportation from here. Membership is not required, so please call me at 613-925-5300, drop in, or register online at I have our beautiful print recreation guides here if you’d like to know all the other great events for all ages taking place this summer in the fort town.

Don’t forget our new summer exercise classes. All members are welcome to drop in for both Grow Young fitness on Mondays at 9am and Groove on Thursdays at 3:45. We enjoyed our Groove experience last week and found their senior option was very accessible and easily modified to suit most fitness levels as is the mostly chair based Grow Young. There is no charge to participate and I encourage everyone to give them a try.

I still have tickets here for A Taste of Prescott coming up this Friday June 14th and I want to remind everyone joining us for the island breakfast on June 20th that we have an 8am sharp departure so please check in before then. We are hoping that our weather mojo is back after our frosty visit to the tulip festival and we have warm, sunny days for both those events!

At our Parkinson’s support group meeting this week there was discussion about taking a summer break and resuming meetings again in September. Our convenor, Joanne, will be in contact with everyone who has signed up. The Iroquois group has already decided to continue meeting monthly and will be available to you if we do take two months off.

This week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Brian Milne, 3rd- Joan Salmon.

Euchre: 1st- Walter Picavet, 2nd- Micheline Cook, 3rd- Elaine Bolton, consolation-Findlay Hill.

 Saturday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown, 2nd- Mona Smith.

April 30 What’s next in our amazing summer plans? Anne of Green Gables and Cirque du Soleil!!

We have always had a great time going to see Cirque du Soleil and keep watch for special ones that will be in our area. We are in for a treat as we will be able for the first time to attend one of the big top shows! Saturday, August 3rd we have a departure planned for early afternoon via Howard’s coach to travel in comfort to Nepean for a late lunch stop. I have made a group reservation for the delicious Mandarin restaurant but there are a number of other restaurants in the vicinity for anyone who would like a choice. We depart from there to head to Gatineau for the 4:30 show of Alegria where we have fantastic accessible seats together in section 201 under the air conditioned big top. Included in your fee of just $124 is the return coach trip and our seats for the show – lunch will be up to each individual. You do not have to be a member of Walker House to join us for the day, so please share with your friends.

Tickets are still available for the island breakfast on June 20th but I will need to confirm our number of tickets soon so please confirm with me (ideally with cash or cheque for $18) by the 6th of May. If you can’t make it in, a call at 613-925-5300 works too.

I was going to repeat the details again for our visit to the Thousand Islands Playhouse on July 20th but it looks like I may never have written that up in the Journal at all, so SURPRISE!! We’ll be attending Anne of Green Gables, the longest running musical in the world in July!  For this short drive we will hop on a school bus so the cost including our centre orchestra seats in the lovely riverside theatre is $42 per person. We leave Walker House at 12:30pm and can do a pick up in Brockville if it’s easier for anyone. Our show is at 2, so that gives us time to purchase a drink and head in to our seats. We will return here immediately following the show. Membership is not required to enjoy this day with us.

We have confirmed a guest speaker from the Canadian Cannabis Clinic for our Parkinson’s group meeting on Monday, May 13th from 10-noon.  They will have information and be able to answer questions pertaining to cannabis use (in particular how it may benefit Parkinsons patients). I anticipate there may be a lot of interest in this one, so I am asking for this session that you call or email me at to register so I can be sure to have the room set up properly.

This week’s card winners are:

Monday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown, 2nd- Karen Burningham, 3rd- Brian Milne.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Valerie Schulz, 2nd- Ron Shannon.

Euchre: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Jean Dufour, 3rd- Alice Milne, consolation prize – Elaine Bolton.

November 21 The Details are here for “Come From Away” this summer 


“Come From Away” is breaking records in it’s run on Broadway and selling out in Toronto since it arrived there. Broadway Across Canada brings this poignant, funny, lively, musical, and very, very Canadian show to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa next summer for a short run so we are planning to go again for more! I have booked orchestra seats for the evening show on Wednesday, August 28thand the matinee on Saturday, August 31st and a coach bus from Howards to take us there and back in comfort. Both trips include time before the show for either dinner or lunch on Elgin, Sparks St or the Byward Market at your expense with the coach will be returning directly to Walker House after the applause finishes. If requested, a pick up in Brockville or along the 416 can be arranged for you. Non-members are welcome to join us and I am asking for at least a $50 deposit upon booking if you don’t want to pay in full. As with all of our trips I will be starting a waiting list and if you ever need to cancel I do my best to fill your seat and give a complete refund. I’ve posted two sign up sheets and both have 56 spots at $166. Anyone joining us from out of town can call me at 613-925-5300 to hold a spot and send in a cheque to Walker House, or drop by to see me in person and sign up.



MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.