September 25 Escape to Greece with Shirley Valentine!

Finally! We will be leaving at 11:45 from Walker House on Wednesday, October 3rd to go to the 1000 Islands Playhouse in Gananoque to see the fabulous” Shirley Valentine”.  I have a few names on the list who have not paid yet so I’ll be phoning around to verify your attendance. Of course, if this is ringing any bells, then you can save my dialling finger and call in at 613-925-5300 to let me know that you still want to come.

We are leaving a bit early so that we can enjoy a pre-show talk on the dock with some of the cast and we’ll return straight home following the play. We can do a pick up and drop at Food Basic in Brockville if anyone wants one. When we attended “Harvest” earlier in the summer the bar was cash only so have a few dollars if you’d like to pick up a drink or snack for the show. I should add too that we will be happy to accommodate more as long as we can get the tickets – just call me!

The Thousand Islanders Chorus who held our singing in harmony workshops last year are offering an evening session to help you “Find Your Voice” with great coaching and they have asked if I would spread the word. It’s being held at St Mary High School on October 3rd, 10th and 17th at no charge and all area women are invited to participate. More information can be had by contacting Mary Ellen at or Yvonne at 613-345-6175.

We are just two people shy of reaching our minimum number for our Near East autumn tour on October 17th so it looks like it will be a “go”. Please come in as soon as possible to pay for your seat on the coach. What happens if we go over 30 people, you ask? We’ll have more money to spend for our morning break so we will enjoy a fall feast of fresh apple cider and cheese and crackers from the Upper Canada Creamery and Smyth’s Orchard!

Bridge players, please notice that there are some Saturdays being missed over the next month. We have a rental on the 29th of September, there are too many away for Thanksgiving weekend, so there will be no bridge on Saturday the 6th of October and there are renters on the 13th.  On the 20th, our rug hookers are holding a workshop and need the big room, but you will be back to the tables on the 27th of October. Don’t forget to go up to the high school before you come to play so you can visit our Seniors Expo!

Our committee has been working so hard and we are thrilled with the responses thus far. You are going to want to set time aside on Saturday, the 27th of October to attend our Seniors Information and Active Living Fair (henceforth to be known as our Seniors Expo) We have interesting workshops taking place throughout the day (between 11-3) and fantastic entertainment as well as a trade show full of service providers and businesses focussed on the best kind of people – retired ones! Seniors’ Expo will be held at South Grenville High School.

I want to clarify the date for our fall session of wood carving. I mistakenly said that it was beginning in mid-October and in fact, it began last week, I’m sorry about that. The great news is that new carvers can hop in at any time, so please feel free to come any Wednesday at 1.

This week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st-Valerie Schulz, 2nd- Ron Harvie, 3rd- Joanne Walsh.

Saturday Bridge: 1st-

Euchre: 1st- Alice Milne, 2nd- Walter, 3rd- Jean McCrady, Micheline Cook and consolation goes to Hazel Wallace.

Saturday Bridge: 1st-Mona Smith, 2nd- Karen Burningham

September 19 Join us for our Alzheimer’s Society Coffee Break on Sept 25th

Our retreat with Una was such a special day! This being the never-ending summer that it is, we were happy to take full advantage of the weather and our riverside setting and used the town kayaks, had facials, walked the trail to hunt for treasures, danced by fire, and did so many fabulous activities. Everyone left with a smile on their face, a song in their heart, and a henna tattoo on their hand or ankle – it was truly a retreat to “awaken the senses” as promised. On Friday we bid a fond farewell to BJ at the Piano as he is retiring this month from the circuit at the age of 82 after holding sing-alongs for 22 years!

 I told you last week about our day trip to enjoy the fall leaves and explore the communities from here to Morrisburg and there is still room for more to sign up for that and our weight lifting for women over 50 workshops and soapstone carving, too. If you ever miss out on information, know that my columns are posted to our website so you can look back at to refer to them. Please join us for our coffee break to support Alzheimer’s Society Lanark Leeds Grenville on Tuesday, Sept 25th. All you need to do is grab a friend and some change and join us for coffee, tea and a treat between 10 and noon – I hope to see you then so we can spend some time together and support this worthwhile cause at the same time.

Sue Turner’s Hatha Yoga (9:30) and Chair Yoga (11) resume this week on September 20th at St Paul’s United Church. All Walker House members are welcome to participate for a reduced rate and can enjoy the many benefits of Sue’s gentle approach. She has more details on her website, or give me a call at 925-5300 if you have questions.

Bridge players please take note that there is a private rental taking place on Saturday the 29th of September and a rug hooking retreat on Sunday the 20th of October so there will be no bridge on those days.

Here are your scores for this week:

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown, 2nd- Joan Salmon, 3rd- Brian Milne.

Euchre- 1st- Alice Baynham, 2nd- Jean and Elaine tied, 3rd- Jessie Shaver, consolation, Micheline Cook.

September 12 Can’t Afford to Tour the Far East?

Come with us to see the wonders of the “near east” then! Joyce Morris dreamed up this fantastic autumn day trip for us to enjoy a scenic drive along HWY 2 and the Long Sault Parkway and hit some tasty and interesting spots along the way. We plan to visit Smyth’s Orchard, Upper Canada Creamery, Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary, St Raphael’s ruins, and a presentation about the Quilt of Belonging. We’ll treat for a fresh cider break in the morning and we’ll be stopping for lunch at The Blue Anchor Pub in Summerside (home to local perch fish and chips and also famous Key Lime pie!) For our day of leisure, we decided a climate controlled coach is a must, so the cost to explore with us is $40. Non-members are welcome as long as there is room on the coach, but I will need a minimum of 30 participants to cover the cost of our Howard’s Coach so please sign up and pay by October 5thOur trip is Wednesday, October 17th , departing Walker House at 9:30 and we’ll be home for 6ish. Let me know if you’d like to be picked up in Cardinal or Iroquois along HWY and I can arrange that.

Wednesdays seem to be the most happening day of the week for the fall around here. We are going to be offering a new Weight Training for Women over 50 class with Cathy Reid beginning September 26th at 4:15-5:15 and running for 6 weeks through to the end of October. I will be subsidizing the course for Walker House members so the cost for the full session is just $20 and non-members can participate for $30. We will have some small weights here, but please bring your hand weights if you have them because we won’t have enough for everyone.


Another new event on Wednesdays is the return of our wood carving lessons. The group has been meeting over the summer to keep their whittling skills sharp (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) but Peter and Joe will be teaching new projects again beginning on Wednesday, September 19th upstairs at 1pm. We’ll be carving hedgehogs out of butternut and trying out soapstone for the first time to create a simple bird. Most likely on the agenda before Christmas will be a tree ornament, but there are so many great ideas that we don’t have a decision yet on which one to do! Walker House has carving knives for you to use if you are new to this art and the cost to be a part of our carving group is just $2,


Also a great Wednesday workshop will be Jaki’s overhead perspective drawing class on the 17th of October, but I’ll save the details for another day.


The last event I’d like to share is that we are participating in the Alzheimer Society’s Coffee Break to raise funds and awareness. Our coffee break will take place on Tuesday, September 25th. Drop by anytime between 10 and noon to share a cup of coffee or tea and treats and please bring a friend with you. We will gladly take donations on their behalf all month but we hope to see you then, for sure!

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge- 1st-Joanne Walsh, 2nd- John Walsh, 3rd- Mary Typhair.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Valerie Schulz, 2nd- Mona Smith.

Euchre; 1st- Jessie Shaver, 2nd- Jean Grant, 3rd- Micheline Cook, the consolation prize last week went to Findlay Hill.

September 4 Share a Senior Moment with Us!

We have great news - our Seniors’ Expo will be taking place on Saturday, October 27th from 11-3 at South Grenville District High School. This free event will be packed with information, entertainment, and presentations to help us live vibrantly in retirement and we are putting out the call to companies and services who would like to be a part of this special day. I should have exciting details for you as early as next week.

Although it doesn’t feel like it, September is here and brings us the return of some of our regular events that took a summer hiatus. Fall Yoga with Sue Turner kicks off Sept 20th for an 11 week session at St. Paul's United Church in Prescott on Thursdays: Gentle Hatha: 9:30 - 10:30 and Chair Yoga: 11-noon. Walker House subsidizes the classes for our members so the rate is just $50 for the full season of classes or you can drop in for only $6. We are so happy to have Sue commuting from her new home to keep this going and also to St Paul’s for providing us with a space for classes. Please see if you’d like more information about this or any of her other classes.

Vivian Dickie will also be resuming her integrative fitness classes at the health centre on Wednesday the 12th from 10:30-11:30. The fee is just $2 per session and these classes are open to anyone in the community, not just members of Walker House. These classes are designed for seniors who are recovering from injury or illness, who have balance and mobility issues, or are just looking for a gentle stretching and toning class to round out their fitness program.

Wednesday September 12th we have our fabulous women’s retreat, Awaken Your Senses with Una and there is still room for a few more to join us. Members pay just $10 for any part of the day or evening and can also chose to stay over in the guest house for an additional $10. Non-members who are followers of Una are also welcome to join in for the rate of $20 for the day and $20 to spend the night. All meals and activities are included.

Lastly on September 12th Prescott Hoops and Hooks resumes their traditional rug hooking which will then take place on the second and last Wednesday of each month in the morning.

We are having an early lunch this month on September 14th so that we can host BJ Hughes at the piano for a sing along while he is in town. BJ is always such fun and our menu is chicken salad wraps with roasted potato wedges (sweet and regular) and banana cake with peanut butter cream cheese icing, all for just $8!


Your card scores this week are:

Monday Bridge: 1st-Joanne Walsh, 2nd- John Walsh, 3rd- Mona Smith.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Mona Smith, 2nd- Findlay Hill.

Euchre: 1st- Jean McCrady, 2nd- Jean Annable, 3rd- Brian Milne, consolation prize- Micheline Cook.

August 28  Awaken Your Senses as Fall Arrives

September is hunger action month and the Food For All food bank is holding a Hunger Awareness Challenge- anyone can sign up and choose to live on food supplied by the food bank from September 10th to the 14th with a $25 donation to the food bank. If you are not familiar with how food banks operate, I am sure it will be an eye-opening experience. Anyone who would like to take part can contact executive director, Bonnie, at 613-925-2444 ext. 2 to get all the details. I was going to sign up and issue a challenge to see who would join me, but we have two events on that week involving meals, so instead I will have a hamper here in the kitchen and collect donations of non-perishables throughout the month and plan to take part in the challenge next fall.

Our first event that week is going to be our special retreat with Una at the lovely guest house on the river owned by Upper Canada Village. This promises to be such a fun, rejuvenating day! The house is not a part of the village, but sits on a lovely spot on the river and will be our setting for our fall workshop entitled, “Awaken Your Senses” Una will be facilitating many activities on Wednesday, September 12th from 9-9 and you can take part in as little or as much of the day as you’d like – feel free to join in with us after work if you can’t get there sooner. There will be a treasure hunt along a wooded path, drumming, henna tattoos (I have always wanted one!) relaxing breathing exercises, facials, and more. All are designed to boost our senses and ignite brain activity to trigger joyful and healthy living responses to keep us active and young at heart. The pathways are easy to navigate and of course, the front porch is waiting if you’d like to sit out any part and just enjoy the breeze off the water. If the weather blesses us like it did last year there is also a swimming raft to visit!  Your day includes all supplies and meals for just $10 for members (non-members can join us for $20) As an added bonus, it can continue past the evening’s campfire if you would like to spend the night in the lovely house with Una for just an additional $10 ($20 again for non-members)  and that lucky group can spend the morning  on the 13th before heading home. This special grant funded workshop is in direct response to the feedback received after we had our day at the Sandbanks last year as part of Una’s chakra workshops. The only complaint was from people who didn’t want it to end as early as it did. Sign up soon especially if you’d like to stay overnight by calling me at 613-925-5300 or in person. Our rug hooking group rented this special home for a day retreat and it is a great place to connect with nature and with other fabulous women!

 Later that week, we will be having an early member’s lunch on September 14th to accommodate our special guest’s schedule. BJ at the Piano will be here for one of his sing-alongs after we dine on chicken salad wraps, sweet and white potato oven fries, and banana cake with peanut butter frosting! He arrives shortly after 12:15 so we will eat at 11:30 as usual and the cost is still just $8.

This week on the 30th of August we are having our BBQ pulled pork on a bun lunch with chocolate ice cream sandwich cake and Kelli will be here with a short presentation about money and helping us answer the question of “how much is enough?” Instead of worrying about your money wouldn’t it be nice to have peace of mind?

I can’t let this column go by without mentioning how much fun I had in “Oliver!” last weekend. I have been a huge fan of our St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival since we moved here in 2004 but some of my best memories come from my experiences on stage with the other intrepid volunteer actors. I saw many of you in the audience and want to say thank you for your support.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st-Carole Rafuse, 2nd- Mona Smith, 3rd- John Walsh.

Euchre: 1st- Alice Milne, 2nd- Jessie Shaver, 3rd- Jean Annable and Brian Milne, consolation prize went to Findlay Hill.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Ruth Betsworth, 2nd- Bob McVicar.

Please note that cards will take place as usual on Labour Day but I won’t be in. Happy Long Weekend!


Clip out our regular schedule of events


Walker House Regularly Scheduled Activities

623 King St W, Prescott

613-925-5300 -


Monday -      1pm - bridge

                     5:30 – weight watchers

                     7:00 pm – 3rd Monday - SGGOFA

Tuesday   -   9:30-scrabble

10 am – noon: drop in for coffee

                     1pm - crafts (bring your own work and some organized crafts)  

Wednesday -9 am – 2nd & last Wed – traditional rug hooking                    

                     1pm - art - quiet studio time and some lessons

                     1pm – woodcarving upstairs with Korny and Peter                    

 Thursday – 9:30 am – yoga with Sue Turner at St. Paul’s United Church

                    11am-  chair yoga with Sue Turner at St Paul’s in the parlour

                     8:00 -1pm – bunka, hardanger, Swedish weaving, rug punch

                   1:30 –euchre and cribbage

Friday -       9:30 am- knitting and crochet

11:30 –members lunch – usually on the last Friday (sign up)

                    1:00 pm – pepper (bid euchre)

Saturday -            9-1(winter) Swedish weaving, bunka, hardanger, rug punch

1:30 – Bridge


                      * Have an idea for something you’d like to see on our calendar or an activity you’d like to share?  Pass it on; we are all ears!

We meet often for special events and take trips both near and far and the information for those will be on the board in the main room. Another way to find out what is happening is to get on our email list. 


Membership to Walker House is only $15 per year for locals with an additional $25 fee to the town if you live outside the town limits.  Everyone is welcome to participate in a few events to decide if Walker House is a good fit for them before they need to commit. Our programs are open to adults in Prescott and the surrounding communities.

The program director is Susan; she works Monday to Friday. Please see her if you have any questions or check out our website at

MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.