December 12 Time to Get Baking!

Una’s final Chakra workshop is taking place next Monday, December 18th from 2-5 and will wrap all the sessions up with a review and some up-lifting exercises and activities. It’s going to require some dancing room so this one will be held at the health centre meeting room adjacent to Walker House on King St. If you have paid for any of the previous sessions then there is no charge; for newcomers, it will be $5. Please sign up here in person or call 925-5300 and bring your yoga mat, chakra rope, scarves and a small notebook if you have them. Look forward to having some time out just for you in this fun encounter.

Most of our Christmas activities are behind us as the year winds down, but you still have a chance to make a fun little stocking stuffer or gift bag on Tuesday December 19th in our 1pm craft group. All you need to bring is a sharp pair of scissors (because our fabric scissors are not the greatest here) and an old T-shirt or two. I’ll show you how in 15 minutes and with no sewing you can recycle your T into a fun, lightweight, completely washable shopping bag. If you have holiday T-shirts, then this could easily be given as a gift bag too. Don’t worry about pre-registering – just come in on the day.

At 4 o’clock on December 19th, we also have our cookie swap. We got feedback that some members didn’t want such a large batch of cookies (seriously??? Apparently too many cookies can be a problem?) You are welcome to join in with a smaller batch of cookies and will take home with you the same number that you bring, so if you have no need for a large batch then simply bring 5 dozen cookies and you’ll leave with 5 dozen. Here’s a re-cap of the rules of the swap: please pre-register on the sign up board here at Walker House, cookies only please, and this is no time for “plain Jane” oatmeal cookies – we are looking for Christmas tray worthy specimens. No burnt offerings either, please! This should take only a few minutes but if anyone would enjoy it, we can pop downtown for dinner before we head home. I have a few tins and some rubber gloves or bring your own containers for transport.

Word has gotten out about the free bus going in to the Brockville YMCA every Wednesday, but if you’ve missed it I’m happy to share again. The “Y’ has received funding for a Senior’s bus that provides transportation to go use their facilities every Wednesday free of charge – the bus, some classes including an aquafit class, and full use of their fitness centre and pool is all included! They even provide a healthy snack and you can bring a lunch or purchase a lunch for $7 if you prefer. You can pick the bus up in Cardinal at Burchell’s at 9:30 with drop off at 1:45. Prescott Canadian Tire Parking Lot at 9:55 with a drop off at 1:25 or come to Walker House and hop on and off here at 9:45 and 1:35. Funding for this program continues past Christmas into the new year and the driver comes up to the building to check for waiting passengers so you can come in and stay warm while you wait.

Cross your fingers for great weather on Thursday for our dinner at Upper Canada Village please! If you’re coming with us, please be here to board the bus at 3pm.

Here are this week’s card scores: Euchre: 1st- Brian Milne, 2nd- Findlay Hill, 3rd- Alice Milne, Consolation: Jean Annable. Saturday Bridge: 1st- Ron Harvie, 2nd- John Walsh, Monday Bridge: 1st- Gerry LeClair, 2nd- Mary Typhair, 3rd- Bob McVicar.

December 5 We’re Busier than Santa’s Elves!

TechTutors presented another informative workshop for us; this time we got an overview of Facebook and had an opportunity to have our questions answered.  As always happens when they come, I walked away with new information that will make my use of technology easier and more efficient. I’m looking forward to their next workshop on December  13th at 1:30. This one will cover how t o manage our music. There are so many apps that help us purchase and download music; many of them are free, but how do we make informed choices? Let Jonathan help us with those and also with instructions for how to share music among our different devices. Walker House is again going to be subsidizing the course so the cost for members is just $8. Our final introductory class in woodcarving wrapped up but the group had such a great time together (and apparently so did our intrepid teachers, Korny and Peter) that we have plans to continue sometime in the new year.

Our other new workshops are going very well thanks to our wonderful teachers. Rick and Judy Darling received high praise from the bridge players and Wendo Van Essen held the first of two very enjoyable pet portrait classes. Our craft group has been busy sewing stocking stuffers and there is still time to sign up for Friday morning’s “make and take” class with Young Living at 9:30.

Don’t forget to sign up for our cookie swap if you’d like to take part. I’ve had people ask if it would be possible to bring a smaller batch of cookies and I think that would work just fine. Most of us will be bringing 10 dozen which will allow us to prepare a couple of nice trays but if you would like to only bring 5 dozen cookies home, then sign up to bring 5 dozen of your own to share. The swap will take place on Tuesday the 19th at 4pm.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Euchre: 1st- Mary Reynolds, Geneva Odell, and Jean Annable all tied for top spot! 2nd- Rose Boyd, 3rd- Hazel Wallace, consolation: Micheline Cook.Monday Bridge: 1st- Barb Martin, 2nd- Dave Martin, 3rd- Joanne Walsh. Saturday Bridge: 1st- Fred Gardiner, 2nd- Dave Martin.

November 28 Last Call For Bridge Lessons – Members and Guests are welcome!

We finished our last meditation workshop with Winhara last week with much thanks for the enriching experience. It was a week full of soul soothing activities since we also had our third Chakra workshop with Una. This one focussed on our sense of smell and the house was full of lovely fragrance as Una created a special scent made with essential oils for the pendant each participant created.  This was in hard competition for the lovely smells as our kitchen volunteers whipped up a curry lunch for Friday and sweet was replaced by savoury in the air! Vivian Dickie was our guest presenter at lunch and she shared some insight into the practice of Reflexology. I also had confirmation that she will be subbing in for Sue Turner on Thursday, December 7th for both of the regularly scheduled yoga classes. Vivian teaches Qi Gong and you are invited to give it a try if you have not before. It’s a very complementary practise to yoga that I am sure you will enjoy.

We have a small group signed up for our introductory bridge classes  which begin on Wednesday night November 29 at 5:30. I have heard from two would be members who can’t make that date and time so please contact me if that is the case for you and I will see if we can arrange for another workshop. My number is 613-925-5300. Don’t forget that this Thursday November 30th at 1pm library staff will be here to assist you with installing and using the library lending app, Over Drive, which will allow you to borrow e-books and audio books from the library free of charge. Next week on the 4th of December, Tech Tutors is here with a comprehensive Facebook course beginning at 9:30. I’ve been asked whether you have to be a member to attend and the answer is no. We are subsidizing the course so that members pay only $10 but for $25 anyone can join us here and will receive the 2.5 hour course plus the workbook. The same is true for their managing your music class on December 13th.

There is still room to sign up for the “make and take” class on Friday Dec 8th with Young Living. For only $10 Daphne will be giving us the recipes and helping us create three lovely holiday gifts ready to be shared –  a peppermint sugar scrub, holiday air freshener, and bath bombs/bath salts.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Bridge: 1st- Ann Dunlop, 2nd- John Walsh, 3rd- Ruth Gillard. Euchre: 1st- Hazel Wallace, 2nd Anselm Pidgeon, 3rd- jean Annable. Consolation Prize went to Mary Typhair. Saturday Bridge was taken by the Walshes with John placing first and Joanne in second.  Thank you to the volunteer convenors who keep the card games going; it’s much appreciated.

November 21 It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

Santa came on Friday night (I saw him on King St), the Bunka Babes are eating their turkey lunch as this issue hits the stands, and we are busy making crafts and little gifts ,so I guess it’s officially the season!

Here is a recap of some of our activities: Our craft group is making bowl cozies on November 28th at 1pm and that is the second wash day for Roxie’s felters. Wendo’s felted pet portraits are going to be done on November  28th and December 5th at 6pm. If you missed the initial advertisement about her class, go to her website and check out her pet portraits among all her other fantastic needle felting. It’s not too late to join us, but you will need to get a photo of your furry friend emailed to her so she can gather up the appropriate colours. Send it to me at For those already registered, you just need to bring along some reference photos and prepare to have a good time. The cost of this workshop is just $10 for Walker House members.

We have a make and take class with Daphne using Young Living essential oils on Friday, Dec 8th at 9:30. The cost for members is just $10 and you will be making Peppermint Sugar Scrub, Christmas Spirit Room Spray, and Bath bombs/Bath salts. You get three lovely gifts and all the recipes to make them again.

We have some tech classes booked into next year. The dates and topics for 2017 are Thursday, November 30th at 1pm for Overdrive. Staff from the Prescott Library will be here to help you download the software onto your device so that you can borrow e-books and audiobooks from the library for free anytime you want. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas to have some new reading material! There is no fee but please sign up in advance if you can.  Our favourite Tech Tutors, William and Jonathan are coming on Monday the 4th of December at 9:30 for the long awaited FaceBook class. We are holding this in the main room because I expect it will be popular. Bring your laptop or device and work along. This is a 2 ½ hour workshop and your $10 fee includes a workbook and refreshment break.  Wednesday, December 13th at 1:30 in our upstairs classroom, they’ll be presenting a workshop on how to manage your music. There are many free and low cost music apps that make downloading, playing, sharing, and purchasing music easy – but which one is the right one for you and how do they work???

Here are your card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- Barb Berry, 2nd- Valerie Schulz, 3rd- Ron Harvie. Saturday Bridge 1st- Geri LeClaire, 2nd- Mary Typhair. Euchre: 1st- Rose and Hazel Wallace. 2nd- Findlay Hill, 3rd- One of four possible Jean’s so congrats to either Annable, McCready, Dufour,or Grant. Consolation prize- Dorothy Tweed. Last Monday while I was away Bridge scores were: 1st- Ron Harvie, 2nd- Joanne Walsh, 3rd- Candy Alexander. The Ron’s took Saturday with: 1st- Ron Shannon, 2nd- Ron Harvie.

November 7 - We’re Taking a Cookie Break

We decided not to hold a Cookie Walk this year but now many of our members are wondering how they will get their Christmas baking done?!?  Fear not – I have a solution, and it’s a fun one! Let’s try a Cookie Swap!

Here’s how it works:

1.     Sign up here. If you are computer savvy, email Susan your recipe so that she can print a little booklet for everyone participating, or write out your recipe on cards to share on the day. My email is

2.     Make a large batch of your best holiday cookie. This is not the time to do oatmeal raisin – this is time to break out the special ones!

3.     At the swap, we will bring our cookies and some containers to take them home.

Plan on making 10 dozen cookies and going home with 10 dozen assorted to make up a couple of lovely trays. I’ll provide the recipe booklet, tongs and gloves for us and do up little cards for the table.

Our Date: Tuesday, December 19th at 4pm. We can go out for a bite to eat after we are done the exchange if you like. The only rules are that your cookies must be freezable, homemade; and no burnt offerings, please. Broken ones are always welcome for taste testing though!

I’m reviewing the sign- ups for our turkey dinner on Dec ember14th at Upper Canada Village, so please try to get in with your $10 so I know if I can move anyone off the waiting list.

On Tuesday the 21st of November I’ll be setting up some Christmas card stations during our morning coffee drop in between 10 and noon if you’d like to come by for a visit and make a fancy card.  Later this month on November 24th we will be holding our member’s lunch and featuring an Indian menu. Nothing will be overly spicy, but expect a nice buffet including mild chicken curry, rice pilaf, vegetable curry, raita, naan, and chutney.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Bridge: 1st- Fred Gardiner, 2nd- Ron Harvie, 3rd- Dave Martin. Saturday Bridge: 1st- Joanne Walsh, 2nd- Findlay Hill. Euchre: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Anselm Pidgeon, 3rd- Jean Grant, consolation: Edith Van Dusen

**All cookies must be homemade, freezable, and no burnt ones please!

MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

September 21:  Time Change for Blue Jays Game

What a glorious day we had for our trip to Jacques Cartier Parc to see the MosaiCanada150 topiary exhibit! It was the largest display of its kind that I have ever seen and very well maintained so if you have the chance to go before it closes, I would recommend it. We paid extra for the tour and were all pleased with our guides, so I’d recommend that too.

Now, we just need this fantastic weather to hang on for a while longer please. Our indulgent girl’s day at the beach is coming up on Monday Sptember 25th and although it will be a great day rain or shine....I’d like to vote for “shine” please! To recap the details: we’ll be leaving Walker House at 8:30 sharp to head for Sandbanks Provincial Park. We’ve rented a shelter for the day for our home base and will be taking a break in Picton for a little shopping and returning to the park for more chakra workshop and a BBQ dinner. Una will be providing all our instruction and I’ll be on chef duty for dinner; you just need to bring a bagged lunch and snacks, wear comfy clothing, a pillow for sitting on if you wish, and come prepared for a free spirited day. The cost for members is just $20 and non-members are $40 and this includes further Chakra workshops at Walker House throughout the fall.

For our loyal Blue Jays fans, the coach was going to swing by Walker House at 7:45 on Saturday morning as of Friday when I spoke with Howard Travel. I just heard that the game time has been bumped to 4:00 pm, so touch base with me at 613-925-5300 to confirm that nothing has changed. (unfortunately it is too late in the day as I write this to call them and clarify)

This month’s one-on-one session with Tech Tutors has been filled, but they will return soon .  We have a special guest from Leeds-Grenville Interval House joining us for lunch on Friday September 29th to help launch our treasure sale and silent auction for “Walker House Cares”. We welcome your donated items from now until we close for Christmas break and all monies raised will be given to Interval House in the new year. Kimberley has also requested adult colouring books or other activity books or journals as much appreciated items so if you wish they can be brought in before lunch for her. We’ll be serving meatballs two ways – a lighter stir-fry with rice or cauliflower rice (you’ve heard of it – have you tried it yet?) or classic BBQ meatball subs.

 Speaking of Christmas... we are celebrating this year and will be taking our holiday lunch on the road! Thursday, December 14th we’ll bus to Upper Canada Village to have a full turkey dinner in Willard’s Hotel and then stay for Alight at Night. I’ve been able to include it all – bus, dinner, admission and even a wagon ride for just $10 for members. This is being funded through grant money so for any members bringing a date, they will have to pay the full cost of their dinner ($28) and I will not be taking non-members unless we have vacancies.  We have room for 46 members on the bus, so let’s fill it and have a wonderful kick-off to the holidays together!

Here are your card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st-Joan Salmon, 2nd- Ron Harvie, 3rd- Tony Dunston. Saturday Bridge: 1st- Carole Rafuse, 2nd- Ron Harvie.  Euchre: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Norma Kerr, 3rd- Mary Reynolds, consolation prize: Jessie Shaver

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.



Walker House Regularly Scheduled Activities

623 King St W, Prescott

613-925-5300 -


Monday -   9:00-1:00 (winter) – bunka, hardanger, Swedish weaving, bargello

                   9:00-10:00 -  CPHC gentle fit, Health Centre

        10:00 am –Tai Chi

                  1:00 pm - bridge

                   3:00 pm - belly dancing, Health Centre

                   5:30 –1 per month – dinner and a movie (sign up required)              

                   7:00 pm – 3rd Monday - South Grenville Guild Of Fine Arts

Tuesday -    9:30-scrabble

         10:00 am – noon: drop in for coffee and treats

                   1:00 pm - crafts (bring your own work, some organized crafts)                                

Wednesday -9:00 am – 2nd & last Wed – traditional rug hooking     

                    9:00-10:00 -  CPHC gentle fit, Health Centre               

                     1:00 pm - art - quiet studio time and some lessons                     

 Thursday – 9:30 am – yoga with Sue Turner at St Paul’s United Church 

                   11:00 am-  chair yoga with Sue Turner at Town Hall

                    8:00 -1pm – bunka, hardanger, Swedish weaving, rug punch

                   1:30 –euchre and cribbage

                  by appointment - Guitar lessons

Friday -       9:00 Nordic walking/walking group

                  9:30 am- knitting and crochet

      11:30 –members lunch – usually on the last Friday (sign up)

                 1:00 pm – pepper (bid euchre)

Saturday -    9:00-1:00 (winter) Swedish weaving, bunka, hardanger, rug punch

         1:30 – Bridge 


                     * Have an idea for something you’d like to see on our calendar or an activity you’d like to share?  Pass it on; we are all ears!

We meet often for special events and take trips both near and far and the information for those will be on the board in the main room. Another way to find out what is happening is to get on our email list.  


Membership to Walker House is only $15 per year for locals with an additional $25 fee to the town if you live outside the town limits.  Everyone is welcome to participate in a few events to decide if Walker House is a good fit for them before they need to commit. Our programs are open to adults in Prescott and the surrounding communities.

The program director is Susan and she works Mon- Thurs 8:30-4. Please see her if you have any questions.