December 11 -- We have some yummy events coming up this month!


Shirley from Big Brothers Big Sisters’ told us about their new program at our packed members’ lunch last week. They are inviting “Baby Boomers and Beyond” to come into area schools and share their interests with children in a safe and supervised environment. There are many youth in this area who do not have a chance to see their grandparents for a variety of reasons and we can make such a positive difference to them. I will keep the details posted here on our volunteer board beside the check in computer if you would like to know more. There are some fun presents under our tree for their Giving Tree, as well, with room for more and there are still some tags on the tree. You can, of course, purchase a toy and leave it without a tag; they will match it up with a child in need as long as it is here before December 12th.

As our crafting countdown to Christmas continues on Tuesday afternoons we will be making sweet little snowmen tree ornaments out of tea lights on December 11th. Come at 1pm with $2 and you can leave with one yourself. We will be making some gingerbread gift tags and a paper gift card holder on December 18th and that one is a freebie!

Those of us who participated in our cookie exchange last year enjoyed the experience so much that we want to repeat it. The rules of the exchange are simple:

1) Bring as many dozen home baked cookies as you would like to go home with. We all made ten dozen cookies last year and I was able to make a beautiful tray to bring to my large Christmas dinner so I encourage you to think big. If you want to come with less though, you can still participate.

2) No burnt offerings! 

3) No boring “everyday” cookies – oatmeal cookies are great and all, but they are not worthy of a holiday buffet! Bring in your beautiful best!

4) Don’t worry about avoiding nuts or other allergies.

5) Membership not required. If your bestie is a great baker, then please extend the invitation to them.

I have a sign up sheet here so we know what to expect and so we don’t all end up making the same cookie (cause that would be a boring tray now wouldn’t it?) We’ll meet here on Monday December 17th at 4pm to make our trades. You can have your cookies packaged in dozens if you like, or just bring them in big boxes. We are all responsible for our own tins to carry them home, and you are welcome to send a proxy if that time does not work well for you. For the record, I am making my orange snaps again because my nephew voted them the “best of the tray” last year which was high praise indeed considering how fierce the competition was.

We discussed going to the Galaxy Cinema for a movie this month but the latest buzz is all about a Kurt Russell movie made for Netflix called “The Christmas Chronicles”. My friends who have watched are saying it is their favourite holiday movie EVER! Since we want to see this before the 25th,and since we don’t have enough time to do both ,and since the Galaxy will still be there in 2019, I have decided to postpone our visit to the cinema for now and instead I’ll be hosting dinner and a movie on Thursday December 20th as our holiday gathering before we break. Let’s gather here at 3:30pm to watch and I will have three pots of soup going so we can enjoy a heart warming meal after our heart warming movie for just $2. I’ll do vegetable, split pea with ham, and potato and leek; how does that sound?

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st-John Walsh, 2nd- Bob McVicar, 3rd- Joanne Walsh.

Saturday Bridge: 1st-John Walsh, 2nd- Joanne Walsh tied with Findlay Hill.

Euchre: 1st- Elaine Bolton, 2nd- Brian Milne, 3rd- Micheline Cook, consolation prize was shared by Findlay Hill and Jean Grant.

Crafter’s Countdown to Christmas

Here we go; for crafters it’s that most wonderful, most marvelous, most hectic, most busy time of the year! The pressure is on to finish the sweaters, shawls, mittens, and afghans in time to wrap them up. Here’s a little secret that might ease your stress levels -keep in mind that it is possible to gift an “almost finished” item. One memorable year my mother even wrapped a pattern and a piece of fabric for me so I could see the dress she had intended to make for me before she ran out of time!

I hope to make things a little easier for you and have craft classes planned so that you can come and complete little projects here. We have a striking black and white Christmas card planned for our craft group next Tuesday, the 20th at 1pm. We’ll be testing out our new Cricut machine and have a paper crafted advent calendar tree scheduled for Tuesday, November 27th at 1pm. I’ll have all the pieces cut out for you so that we can just fold and glue that day. Please sign up so I know how many kits to make and bring tacky glue and a bone folder if you have them. Not sure what to do with the piles of Christmas card stock in your craft room? Drop it off here and I’ll use it in our kits. Need a super fast toque or beanie to stuff a stocking? We have hat looms here that use up your stash of yarn and whip up in a couple of hours – no knitting experience required, I promise. We also have some felt long-Johns cut out to make a Santa’s PJ’s gift card holder left over from one of last year’s projects – these can be stitched up on your machine, or bring a darning needle and hand stitch with excellent company. We’d like to send a big thank you to Dorothy who shared a pattern and taught us how to make a cute and quick hot pad last week; I was not the only one who made mine in Christmas fabric for gifts.

Looking ahead to the end of the month, we have a delicious member’s lunch planned for Friday the 30th. Our lunches are at 11:30 and cost just $8. Members are welcome to bring a friend, but you must sign up in advance. The menu is roast pork with homemade apple sauce, gravy and mashed potatoes and herb roasted veggies (including Brussels sprouts from our kitchen garden!) and dessert and coffee/tea too.


Thursday euchre (new members always welcome. It starts every week at 1:30 but come a bit early to sign in) 1st- Jessie Shaver, 2nd- Jean McCrady, 3rd- Hazel Wallace. Consolation: Micheline Cook. Monday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown, 2nd- Ron Harvie, 3rd- Valerie Schulz. Thank you to our convenors who keep things running smoothly – Mona Smith and Brian Milne.

November 21 The Details are here for “Come From Away” this summer 


“Come From Away” is breaking records in it’s run on Broadway and selling out in Toronto since it arrived there. Broadway Across Canada brings this poignant, funny, lively, musical, and very, very Canadian show to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa next summer for a short run so we are planning to go again for more! I have booked orchestra seats for the evening show on Wednesday, August 28thand the matinee on Saturday, August 31st and a coach bus from Howards to take us there and back in comfort. Both trips include time before the show for either dinner or lunch on Elgin, Sparks St or the Byward Market at your expense with the coach will be returning directly to Walker House after the applause finishes. If requested, a pick up in Brockville or along the 416 can be arranged for you. Non-members are welcome to join us and I am asking for at least a $50 deposit upon booking if you don’t want to pay in full. As with all of our trips I will be starting a waiting list and if you ever need to cancel I do my best to fill your seat and give a complete refund. I’ve posted two sign up sheets and both have 56 spots at $166. Anyone joining us from out of town can call me at 613-925-5300 to hold a spot and send in a cheque to Walker House, or drop by to see me in person and sign up.


The Bunka Babes had their annual turkey dinner this week and we are having our member’s holiday lunch on Friday, November 30thwith a pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, herb roasted veggies, homemade apple sauce and dessert for $8.  Big Brothers Big Sisters will be presenting a new program called Boomers and Beyond for volunteers who might want to share their talents with area students. If you want to know more and are not coming for lunch on Friday, just drop  in around 12 – 12:15 to catch their presentation. If you are here for lunch, you are all set!


I’m planning a bus in to Brockville closer to Christmas to attend a holiday movie together but I have to wait for the schedules to finalise at the cinema before I can give you further details on that.  We will be closing for the school holiday as we have in years past but this year there will be work going on so convenors who plan to hold their activities between December 24th and January 7th please come and see me.  I can arrange to set up for you in the Ruth Evanson room at our town hall or possibly at the health centre but you may not want to be here when it’s a construction zone. The great news about this is that we are having the floors done in the main activity room and kitchen so our poor tired carpet will be replaced with a clean floor! Our board looked at samples at our meeting last week and picked a nice light wood pattern in an industrial flooring that will not show footprints and will wear well. It’s time we got a fresh new look!

Your card scores this week for euchre are:

1st-Rose Boyd, 2nd- Jessie Shaver, 3rd- Jean McCrady and consolation went to Findlay Hill.

Saturday Bridge saw John Walsh in first and Findlay redeemed himself with a second place finish!

Monday Bridge Diane O’Connor placed first, Ron Shannon second, and Ron

 October 31 : After the Show


Well that was one for the history books! I’ve never been involved in a trade show before let alone organized one, but I was lucky to have talent in abundance among the intrepid volunteers who assisted me along the way and in two months we put together quite a day! We had well over 500 people come through and the feedback from the exhibitors and participants was excellent. We learned a few things about running trade shows so there will be some tweaks if we do this again, but I am going to count this as a big success. Thank you to our mayor, Brett Todd, and to MPP Steve Clark for being such good sports and kicking our fair off with a piñata instead of a ribbon cutting. We can’t figure out why, but it did not explode the way we imagined it would and instead the candy and trinkets dribbled out a few at a time…we may have been guilty of “overstuffing” it with goodies! Thank you to the Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario and the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility who jointly funded fairs across our province this year and gave us the financial support to advertise in area newspapers. We drew people from through our region who were vocally impressed with all that Prescott had going on this Saturday and loved the energy at the fair. We, of course, have always known how vibrant and interesting our senior citizens are so this came as no surprise to our locals! 60 is the new 30, as they say…

I’ll be out of the office for the later half of this week, but all our regular activities will be taking place with convenor’s keys. We are sewing our hot pads at craft group on Tuesday the 6th at 1pm. We have some kits pre-cut and the cost for the batting was very reasonable so $1 per pot holder covers it. If you have a portable machine and scissors you can bring, it will mean less waiting on our assembly lines. We will have our machines plugged in upstairs so yours can be used on the main floor.

I’d like all the wonderful Seniors Expo volunteers to come for a lunch meeting on the 9th at noon so that we can break bread together and review the experience and congratulate each other on a job well done! I will try to reach out to you all, but whether you came and helped out on the day (Sharon, Maria, Brenda, Sue, Marthe, and Bill for example) or were on our planning committee from day one, please come and give your feedback.

Cathy Reid’s very popular Weight Lifting for Women over 50 class is moving to a new time after the clocks roll back and she will be offering a 6 week session at the health centre on Wednesdays from 2-3 beginning on the 7th of November and running through Dec12th. Please bring your money on the first day to pre-pay; members are $20 for the session with Walker House subsidizing the balance and non-members pay $30.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Mona Smith, 3rd- Joanne Walsh.

Euchre: 1st- Brian Milne, 2nd- Micheline Cook, 3rd- Hazel Wallace, consolation prize: Jean Dufour.

Saturday Bridge: 1st Carole Rafuse, 2nd: Cay Brown.

Reminder that you have one more week on and then we have a rental for a shower on the 10th but nothing after that! 

MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.