October 6 So much to give thanks for!

I have always loved the fall. Every Thanksgiving of my childhood was spent out camping; having turkey dinner at a long row of picnic tables pushed together to fit all my aunts and uncles and cousins and usually a few strays we rounded up from the campground. Our turkey was always pulled cold from coolers, our potatoes baked in the coals of the open fire, and my mother’s pumpkin pies were brought from home in old movie reel tins so they wouldn’t get crushed in the trunk of the car. Chris and I got married in October 25 years ago (wow!) and our youngest was born on Thanksgiving weekend 16 years ago (there was no turkey and pie for me that year – just Jello and ice chips) The fall fun continues for me now at Walker House because this is the season for all our grant-funded special workshops which means we have a new course being unveiled every few weeks between now and next March. This time it’s whittling with our introduction to woodcarving being presented by Peter and Kornelis from the St. Lawrence Woodcarvers. This workshop begins on Wednesday October 25th at 1pm and will likely run for 6 weeks while they cover all the basics. Our first project will be whittling a knife handle for our own carving knife and then we will use it to complete a comfort bird and a carved owl. Comfort birds have a lovely story which you can read here as I have it posted with the sign-up sheet. The cost for members is only $10 and includes all supplies and instruction. Class size will be limited to a maximum of ten, but we have funding to add another class at a different day and time if there is enough interest.

We are closed Thanksgiving Monday except for bridge, but Tuesday October 10th brings Roxie’s first knitting class at 1pm and at 4:30 our meditation workshop with Winhara begins. Each workshop has room for one or two more, but you’ll need to pick up yarn before knitting. The following Tuesday, October 17th is Una’s second class where we will be making chakra ropes at 9:30. For those members who attended our day at Sandbanks, this is included in your initial fee. If you were unable to make it then a fee of $8 covers the remaining workshops in her series.

The Thousand Islanders Chorus who conducted our singing in 4 part harmony workshops this spring have extended a warm invitation to their Christmas Voices program which invites women to join them on Wednesday nights between now and December to learn a few songs and then sing them at area nursing homes during the season. If you’d like more information about participating, call Jo Anne at 613-975-9958.

Tech Tutors is holding a follow-up morning of one-on-one tech support here on October 18th. You can book as little as a half hour session with them and bring your troublemaking device here for help. There are still some time slots free that morning so don’t be frustrated with technology – come and get help!

We’ll soon be heading off to Ottawa for The Phantom of the Opera and please, if you haven’t chosen your lunch yet, can you give me a call at 925-5300. We will be leaving Walker House at 10 sharp on October 19th and returning directly from Ottawa after the matinee.

Thank you to all the volunteers who help keep our activities going, who beautify our gardens, prepare our meals and wash our dishes. Thank you for all the friendships forged and strengthened over tea cups, cards, and knitting needles. I hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

October 4 Serenity Now, with a side of Treasures

Our first morning of one-on-one support with TechTutors took place last week and it went so well, they have booked another session here on the morning of Wednesday, October 18th. If you would benefit from some focussed solutions to your tech challenges, then you may want to book in. You can access their services here in ½ hour increments at just $41. When you sign up for your time slot, let them know what device you are struggling with and bring it with you. There are 4 time slots left on the 18th and I have the sign-up sheet posted on our board in the main room. Also up and running is our treasure sale for Interval House of Leeds Grenville. Kimberley presented at our lunch last week and answered questions for us. I personally know women from Walker House who have needed to access the shelter and it’s important for us to know that they also offer counselling and other services to help women and their children escape an abusive home and everything they do is completely confidential. Please be aware if you are reading this and if you think you have no choice but to stay in a situation that is not healthy for you, call them at 1-800-267-4409. You can help support their work to end domestic violence by bringing in your treasures for the sale table and by purchasing items. We will be holding the sale through the fall months so there is lots of time to bring and take items. I have nothing this year for a silent auction table yet, but I will add that component as I receive large items. Kimberley said that the shelter is also looking for journals, adult colouring books, Sudoku and other puzzle books and coloured pencils as these items provide some much needed distraction and stress management, so I will collect those donations as well. Other items that always seem to be in demand at the shelter are paper products (tissues, feminine products, and toilet paper).

Beginning this month we have our “learn to knit” classes with Roxie on October 10th at 1pm. You will need to sign up and pick up your yarn in advance of the class but there is no charge other than your supplies for members. Also on October 10th from 4:30-5:30 is the first of Winhara’s meditation workshops. Only $10 gets you into a 6 week session that also includes group reiki and non-member adults from our community are invited to join us as we learn how to incorporate this important stress-reducing technique into our everyday life.

Other dates to take note of in October are Tuesday, October 17th (not Monday the 16th as I said last week) at 9:30-noon for Una’s second chakra workshop. This time we will be making stone and glass chakra ropes. Walker House members have this included in their $20 fee unless they had to miss the day in Picton, in which case there is a supply fee of $8 for the balance of the series. Non-members who would like to come have a $10 supply fee owing for this one.

I’ll remind you that if you haven’t made your lunch selection for the Phantom of the Opera trip, please call me at 925-5300 to do so. Our bus will depart on the 19th from here at 10am. The bus for “Rockin All Night” at Upper Canada Playhouse leaves here at 12:30 and will return immediately following the 2pm show on October 27th. That is also the day of our Halloween member’s lunch so we will be well fed before we depart!

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- Mary Typhair, 2nd- Mona Smith, 3rd- John and Joanne Walsh.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Karen Burningham, 2nd- Findlay Hill. Euchre: 1st- Jean McCrady, 2nd- Findlay Hill and Micheline Cook share the honours, 3rd- Hazel Wallace, consolation prize: Mary Reynolds.

September 27 Calling all curious adults to give us a try for knitting or meditation

I am all smiles as I write this after a long, glorious day at the beach yesterday! Una was a wonderful teacher who led so many fun workshops and the weather could not have been more perfect if it tried! I hope wherever you were on Monday you had some time to enjoy these last hours of summer (some are saying the summer we never got this year) We have follow-up workshops with Una with the next coming on Monday, October 16th to make our own stone and glass chakra ropes. The last two dates are Nov 20th and Dec 18th and all sessions are from 9:30-noon. Member’s initial fee includes all the workshops and non-members are being asked $10 to cover material expenses.

I’m happy to announce we have a “learn to knit” workshop coming up on Tuesday, October 10th from 1-2:30. Roxie will be here for 3 Tuesdays in a row to guide you through making a keyhole scarf. If you are a basic knitter and would like to improve your techniques, then this is also perfect for you. I’ll have a supply list and photo of the project up here on the board for you to purchase in your chosen colours before class starts, and the cost of instruction is being covered by Walker House.  On the same day at 4:30, Winhara begins her meditation classes here from 4:30-5:30. They cost $10 for a 6 week session and I hope you come and give it a try. Both of these classes are available to members of Walker House but we are also welcoming community members to come and join us. If you are an adult who is retired or semi-retired and interested in learning new things or meeting new people in the area, then please give me a call at 925-5300 or check out our website www.walkerhouseprescott.com for more information.

For a very brief time I have the possibility of getting more tickets to see “Rockin All Night” at the Morrisburg Playhouse on October 27th. They cost just $32 but I’ll need to know before the end of this week if you’d like to come.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st-John Walsh, 2nd- Tony Dunston, 3rd- Ann Dunlop and Karen Burningham.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Ron Harvie, 2nd- John Walsh

Euchre: 1st- Jean Annable, 2nd- Jean McCrady, 3rd- Jean Grant (is that a trifecta of Jeans?) consolation prize was shared by Anselm and Hazel

MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

September 21:  Time Change for Blue Jays Game

What a glorious day we had for our trip to Jacques Cartier Parc to see the MosaiCanada150 topiary exhibit! It was the largest display of its kind that I have ever seen and very well maintained so if you have the chance to go before it closes, I would recommend it. We paid extra for the tour and were all pleased with our guides, so I’d recommend that too.

Now, we just need this fantastic weather to hang on for a while longer please. Our indulgent girl’s day at the beach is coming up on Monday Sptember 25th and although it will be a great day rain or shine....I’d like to vote for “shine” please! To recap the details: we’ll be leaving Walker House at 8:30 sharp to head for Sandbanks Provincial Park. We’ve rented a shelter for the day for our home base and will be taking a break in Picton for a little shopping and returning to the park for more chakra workshop and a BBQ dinner. Una will be providing all our instruction and I’ll be on chef duty for dinner; you just need to bring a bagged lunch and snacks, wear comfy clothing, a pillow for sitting on if you wish, and come prepared for a free spirited day. The cost for members is just $20 and non-members are $40 and this includes further Chakra workshops at Walker House throughout the fall.

For our loyal Blue Jays fans, the coach was going to swing by Walker House at 7:45 on Saturday morning as of Friday when I spoke with Howard Travel. I just heard that the game time has been bumped to 4:00 pm, so touch base with me at 613-925-5300 to confirm that nothing has changed. (unfortunately it is too late in the day as I write this to call them and clarify)

This month’s one-on-one session with Tech Tutors has been filled, but they will return soon .  We have a special guest from Leeds-Grenville Interval House joining us for lunch on Friday September 29th to help launch our treasure sale and silent auction for “Walker House Cares”. We welcome your donated items from now until we close for Christmas break and all monies raised will be given to Interval House in the new year. Kimberley has also requested adult colouring books or other activity books or journals as much appreciated items so if you wish they can be brought in before lunch for her. We’ll be serving meatballs two ways – a lighter stir-fry with rice or cauliflower rice (you’ve heard of it – have you tried it yet?) or classic BBQ meatball subs.

 Speaking of Christmas... we are celebrating this year and will be taking our holiday lunch on the road! Thursday, December 14th we’ll bus to Upper Canada Village to have a full turkey dinner in Willard’s Hotel and then stay for Alight at Night. I’ve been able to include it all – bus, dinner, admission and even a wagon ride for just $10 for members. This is being funded through grant money so for any members bringing a date, they will have to pay the full cost of their dinner ($28) and I will not be taking non-members unless we have vacancies.  We have room for 46 members on the bus, so let’s fill it and have a wonderful kick-off to the holidays together!

Here are your card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st-Joan Salmon, 2nd- Ron Harvie, 3rd- Tony Dunston. Saturday Bridge: 1st- Carole Rafuse, 2nd- Ron Harvie.  Euchre: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Norma Kerr, 3rd- Mary Reynolds, consolation prize: Jessie Shaver

September 17: Don’t read this if you are hungry!

I’m back in the office and happy to be here! We have so much going on this fall I thought I would just do a quick recap this week and direct people to check out our website www.walkerhouseprescott.ca or call me at 613-925-5300 if you want further details. I have more new programming to introduce over the coming weeks; it’s going to be a fabulous fall here!

Upcoming trips include MosaiCanada this Thursday, the 14th. The bus departs from here at 9am and we will be back mid-afternoon. Bring comfy walking shoes and a water bottle – we stop for lunch in Kemptville on our way home.


Blue Jays vs Yankees on Saturday, Sept 23rd I am waiting for a confirmation of the pick-up time from Howards.


Phantom of the Opera is taking place on Thursday, October 19th and we depart here at 10am. Members pay $87 and non-members pay $97. There has been some movement so let me know if you want to come and I may be able to get you on the bus! Please let me know what you would like for lunch so we can pre-order (all are included in your price) Choose one entrée and dessert and you can order a non-alcoholic drink at the pub.



Fresh, marinated and roasted beets with market green, pickled onions, cucumbers, crumbled blue cheese, walnuts and our Strongbow cider-citrus vinaigrette.


Fresh pulled chicken, crispy bacon, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, sliced hothouse tomato and cranberry mayo on toasted multi-grain bread. Served with fresh-cut fries.


You don’t have to work in the fields to love this classic. Fresh, Canadian, lean ground beef, green peas, corn and carrots in our rich gravy. Topped with buttermilk mashed potatoes and comes with a market green salad.


The only two food groups that matter. Keep it classic with a cod fillet fried to order in our made-in-Pub Barking Squirrel amber lager beer batter. It is served with rainbow slaw, our Dungloe Sauce and fresh-cut fries.


Atlantic salmon and leeks in a made-in-Pub white wine cream sauce, topped with buttermilk mashed potatoes and chives then baked in pie pastry. Served with a market green salad.

Desserts are either:


Two dark chocolate brownies drizzled with salted butterscotch. Served with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream.


Buttery shortbread crust with light and fluffy vanilla cheesecake topped with raspberry coulis. Comes with a shortbread cookie for scooping, dipping or eating.

Our fun and fancy free day in Sandbanks with Una to introduce our Chakra workshops takes place on the 25th of September and we will be leaving at 8:30. Members and non-members are welcome to come along.


Yoga resumes this week on Thursdays but remember Hatha Yoga is now taking place at 9:30 at St Paul’s United Church and Chair Yoga is still at 11 at town hall in the Ruth Evanson Room.


TechTutors is offering a Microsoft Office Crash Course at 9:30 on September 20th for just $5 and there are still a few time slots left on September 27th if you’d like to book a one-on-one tech support session with them.


Lastly in September we have our lunch on September 29th. We’ll be featuring meatballs two ways – a decadent meatball sub or a lighter stir-fry with veggies and cauliflower rice and our special guest is Kimberley from Interval House. It starts at 11:30 and costs just $8.

I have already taken too much space so I’ll recap our spring trip next week along with some new events!

Monday’s bridge winners are: 1st Ron Harvie, 2nd- Joanne Walsh, 3rd- Gerrie LeClair. Saturday 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Findlay Hill. Euchre: 1st- Jean Grant, 2nd- Hazel Wallace, 3rd- Geneva Odell, consolation prize- Findlay Hill.

September 6 And Now for Something Completely Different!

I invite you to be spontaneous and share in the joie de vivre that Una (our Angel Lady) always brings to her workshops and join us for our Introduction to Chakras and Sound Vibrations Workshop which kicks off on Monday, September 25th. We’ll have one morning session per month until the Christmas holidays with the kick-off being a trip to the beautiful Sandbanks Provincial Park on September 25th!

Together we will explore chakras; their associated colors, the connection they have with our organs, our emotions.  Come share yourself with us on the grounds of Sandbanks surrounded by a natural resource sanctuary of birds, butterflies, trees, sand, water and open skies. 

Come play! We have a large shelter rented so this will take place whatever Mother Nature gives us! You should bring a bagged lunch unless you plan to eat in town, blankets/cushions/towels to be comfy, bubble wands, drums to play with, your bathing suit if you dare and the weather warms and some socks/jacket for the evening There will be plenty of room on the bus for your stuff and for any treasures you purchase during our lunch break.  Most importantly, bring YOU, with the intent to have FUN. 

We will bring veils, yoga mats, singing bowls, a BBQ dinner, and Una!

We will leave Walker House at 8:30am via Howard’s bus and travel to the park for a morning workshop, picnic lunch with free time afterwards, followed by an afternoon workshop back in the park and a BBQ dinner. We’ll allow enough time for a beach walk before we board the bus for our return home. 

Other workshops will follow with a more detailed description and Una will be our guide throughout. (dates are Oct 16th, Nov 20th, Dec 18th 9:30-noon)This workshop is being subsidized, so the cost to participate for members including our daytrip to Sandbanks is just $20. Non-members are welcome to join us for $40.

I expect we will return feeling renewed and at peace and I have something in store to help you keep it that way. We are all aware that stress has a very negative impact on our health as well as our well-being. Doctors tell us to meditate to help lower our blood pressure and lower our risks for heart disease and many other conditions that come on as we age, but it’s not an easy thing to do, is it? If you are feeling stressed, off balance, anxious, or just want to take better care of yourself, then this series is for you. Winhara will be here to teach us the basics of meditation and how to make it part of your everyday. We will also explore Reiki with a group session. This will allow further relaxation and will invite healing energy to move through our personal energetic field. This will take place at Walker House on Tuesdays afternoons from 4:30-5:30 from Oct 10th through to the 14th of November and the cost for the series is $10 and this is open to members of Walker House as well as adult community members who would like to join us.

To nurture our practical side, we also have our Microsoft Office Workshop with Tech Tutors on Wednesday, September 20th from 9:30-noon. For just $5 you can finally master Word and Excel! I am so looking forward to this because I am primarily self-taught and I know there are much simpler ways to use these programs that I work on every day.

Here are your card scores:

Bridge (Aug 28th) 1st- Ron Harvie, 2nd- Barb Martin, 3rd- Ron Shannon. (Sept 2) 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Joanne Walsh (go Walshes!) (Sept 4th) 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Bob McVicar, 3rd- Ron Harvie. Euchre: (August 24th) 1st- Hazel Wallace, 2nd- Geneva Odell, 4rd- Jean Annable, consolation: Alice Milne. (Aug 31st)  1st- Jean Annable, 2nd- Findaly Hill, 3rd0 Mary Reynolds, consolation: Norma Kerr.

July 19 - The Phantom of the Opera is Here! 

Well, okay, technically, he is going to be in Ottawa, not here. But we are going to see him: that’s the good news! Broadway Across Canada is touring with a new production, which they say retains the beloved story and thrilling score, but boasts exciting new special effects, scenic and lighting designs, staging and choreography and has been hailed by critics as “bigger and better than ever before.”

I still had “teen” on the end of my age when I saw this show and would love to see it again, updated, or otherwise. I have reserved us seats in the centre orchestra section for the matinee performance on Thursday, October 19th. We have a 3 course lunch booked at D’Arcy McGee’s Pub on Sparks Street and the cost for the whole day is just $87 for members and $97 for non-members. We will depart Walker House at 10am and head north and return home after the 2pm performance. Because this is a short drive, we have rented a Howard’s school bus and plan a quick pit stop in Kemptville if requested. I’ll be posting the lunch choices when I have a menu from the pub, but we often eat there before shows and have always enjoyed it, so I am sure they have choices to please everyone.

Our picnic last Friday was rained out but we managed to have a very good time indoors, as we always do.  Somehow, the gang here is always ready for a good time, especially when there is food involved!

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- John Walsh, 2nd Findlay Hill, 3rd- Candy Alexander. Saturday Bridge: 1st- Mary Typhair, 2nd- Dave Martin. Euchre:  1st- Micheline Cook, 2nd- Hazel Wallace, 3rd- Jean McCrady. Consolation Prize- Elaine Bolton.

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.



Walker House Regularly Scheduled Activities

623 King St W, Prescott

613-925-5300 -  walkerhouse@prescott.ca


Monday -   9:00-1:00 (winter) – bunka, hardanger, Swedish weaving, bargello

                   9:00-10:00 -  CPHC gentle fit, Health Centre

        10:00 am –Tai Chi

                  1:00 pm - bridge

                   3:00 pm - belly dancing, Health Centre

                   5:30 –1 per month – dinner and a movie (sign up required)              

                   7:00 pm – 3rd Monday - South Grenville Guild Of Fine Arts

Tuesday -    9:30-scrabble

         10:00 am – noon: drop in for coffee and treats

                   1:00 pm - crafts (bring your own work, some organized crafts)                                

Wednesday -9:00 am – 2nd & last Wed – traditional rug hooking     

                    9:00-10:00 -  CPHC gentle fit, Health Centre               

                     1:00 pm - art - quiet studio time and some lessons                     

 Thursday – 9:30 am – yoga with Sue Turner at St Paul’s United Church 

                   11:00 am-  chair yoga with Sue Turner at Town Hall

                    8:00 -1pm – bunka, hardanger, Swedish weaving, rug punch

                   1:30 –euchre and cribbage

                  by appointment - Guitar lessons

Friday -       9:00 Nordic walking/walking group

                  9:30 am- knitting and crochet

      11:30 –members lunch – usually on the last Friday (sign up)

                 1:00 pm – pepper (bid euchre)

Saturday -    9:00-1:00 (winter) Swedish weaving, bunka, hardanger, rug punch

         1:30 – Bridge 


                     * Have an idea for something you’d like to see on our calendar or an activity you’d like to share?  Pass it on; we are all ears!

We meet often for special events and take trips both near and far and the information for those will be on the board in the main room. Another way to find out what is happening is to get on our email list.  


Membership to Walker House is only $15 per year for locals with an additional $25 fee to the town if you live outside the town limits.  Everyone is welcome to participate in a few events to decide if Walker House is a good fit for them before they need to commit. Our programs are open to adults in Prescott and the surrounding communities.

The program director is Susan and she works Mon- Thurs 8:30-4. Please see her if you have any questions.