January 12 -- Walk on, walk on....

One of my high points this week will be picking out flooring samples for  Walker House as reconstruction will finally begin soon!

I’ve spoken with some of our walkers and we decided that for the winter it would be good to stick to town and try to walk where we are sheltered from the wind so for the rest of January why don’t we meet at 1pm on Thursday in the O’Reilly’s parking lot and walk through the path to Fischl. All are welcome to join us as we tend to pair off according to speed so you will find someone to keep pace with yours.

Our Seniors Centre Without Walls schedule features Use Your Noodle every Tuesday morning at 11am. The first and third Monday at 10:30 is Monday Morning Mindfulness with Una on the first and Winhara taking the third (so on the 18th in January) Rev Tracey leads us in our (bi)Weekly Faith Lift on the 14th and 28th at 10:30.  Call in on your telephone to 1-866-279-1594 and use passcode 595056 a few minutes before the start time.


Our regular Zoom schedule continues through the month with coffee and crafts on Tuesday at 1pm, Hoops and Hooks on the 2nd and last Wednesday at 10am, Art Studio on Wednesday at 1pm (This week Sharon will be covering 2 point perspective) and Friday morning at 10 for knitting. 

If you would like help accessing any of our virtual programs or would like me to arrange one for your group to connect, please call me or email. I come in to work most days and can access my emails when I am working from home, so I’ll get back to you quickly and I’m happy to help.

Our newest program to offer over Zoom is going to be ukulele lessons. I know this is a rather specific option so I want to hear from you before I set the schedule – when would you like to learn? Kayla Droppo, a recent grad from the music program at Queen’s and the director of the house band when we did Cabaret, will be our teacher. The aim of the game is to have fun learning something new so don’t worry about reading music or theory – this will be fun and accessible for all. Dust off your ukulele if you have one, beg or borrow one from a friend if you don’t and get your jam on!

January 6 -- And the Beat Goes On

 William of Tech Tutor prepared some sheets for us to help with some of the tech that we are using these days to stay out of the stores when possible and with our new best friend – Zoom. If you would like copies, let me know.


If you are missing your chair fitness classes and are comfortable using the internet, then I invite you to try out Grow Young Fitness. Walker House has a group account so that we can do this together but you can also access it from home with our password. Check out Grow Young Fitness on youtube to get an idea of the classes and the instructor and if you’d like to stream them from home, just give me a call for our log-in information. I have the core fitness, balance, and knee programs that you can do at your convenience.

January 1 -- Happy New Year!

I hope that you are all feeling restored and were able to enjoy some visits, however unconventional, from loved ones. I’ll be back in the office again on Monday the 4th of January and wanted to make sure everyone is aware that our Monday Morning Mindfulness is going to be starting at a new 10:30 timeslot. Our first of 2021 is with Una Rhodes, so please join us and start your year off on a high note by calling in from a quiet location on number 1-866-279-1594 and use passcode 595056 when the friendly operator prompts you.


Tuesday morning we will have Mary Campbell from Alzheimers Lanark Leeds Grenville with fun trivia and verbal quizzes and games at 11am ( we call this Use Your Noodle) at the same phone number and our craft and coffee Zoom meet takes place at 1pm. 

If you received a new tablet or computer from Santa please reach out to me for help to join us on any of our Zoom sessions – we have lots of fun and are even taking drawing lessons on Wednesdays at 1 with Sharon Stein.

December 17 -- Hello



I do not have a column to share this week as we have all heard by now of the South Grenville (formerly Prescott) Journal’s closing.


I will continue to send out a short newsletter with updates weekly and am looking into a mail-out perhaps once a month with recreation events in the town. I plan as well to update events on our Facebook page so if you look for us and follow us then you can get news that way as well. The Journal has been such a great support to us over the years and I am sad to see it end.


For now, we have our art class this afternoon with Sharon Stein and it will resume after this in January on Wednesdays at 1pm over Zoom.

There is still time to sign up for our take-out Member’s Lunch on Monday the 21st from the Leo Boivin Community Centre. All safety precautions are being taken in consultation with the health unit. I will have Hannah outside to help with distancing and a gentle reminder that you must wear a mask to enter and pick up your lunch. Let me know if that’s a problem for you and I can have one delivered out to you in your car ;)

Thanks to all who are bringing lunch to friends – you have all done such a wonderful job taking care of each other. Call me or email with your requested pick time. It is more congested between 11:30-12 so if you can, I suggest 12-12:30. Please pre-pay or bring a cheque or exact change ($8 pp) to minimize handling money and our menu again is ham with holiday raisin sauce, scalloped potatoes, veggies, salad, and dessert and if you have been really good, there may be a treat for you too!


After Monday’s event, there will be only one Senior Centre Without Walls program and that is our Christmas Eve Faith Lift with Rev. Tracey Smith at 10:30. All are welcome to phone in for lighthearted worship and fellowship and pajamas are perfectly acceptable attire! Find a quiet place in your home and dial 1-866-279-1594 and follow the prompts and you will be all set. The passcode for Walker House events will always be 595056.


Regular sessions will resume after New Years and I will re-send all our Zoom links to you then. I look forward to seeing many of you on the 21st.


December 10 -- The Nature of Holiday Traditions

We are getting close to having our insurance adjuster give us the go-ahead for the repairs here at Walker House but we’ve found a temporary home for our member’s lunches at the Leo Boivin Community Centre until the dust literally settles. Our first one on the 21st of December will be baked ham with holiday raisin sauce, scalloped potatoes, veggies, salad, and dessert. To keep everyone safe, we are asking members to sign up for an early pick-up (between 11:30 and 12) or a later pick-up (between 12 and 12:30) which will allow us to maintain physical distancing. I won’t have anyone handling cash, so please bring cash or cheque for $8 per person in an envelope with your name on it or send an e-transfer to walkerhouse@prescott.ca.  Register at 613-925-5300 or by email.

Reverend Tracey will be offering our Faith Lift this Thursday at 10:30 on Senior Centre Without Walls and all are welcome to phone in to 1-866-279-1594 with passcode 595056 for this uplifting, non-denominational, Christian service.  Una delighted us with an imaginary escape to the beach this week and Winhara will be with us on December 14that 11, for our last Monday Morning Mindfulness until the new year. This Thursday marks our last First Link session on Zoom at 1pm; the topic is “Building a Circle of Support”.  We have a new beginning this week on Zoom at our 1pm Wednesday art studio time. Sharon Stein is inviting us to “Come Draw With Me” where she will demonstrate drawing techniques and explore different subjects each week, beginning with landscapes. No experience necessary, just bring your enthusiasm, some paper, pencils, and a good eraser and join in. Need help with Zoom? I’m here for you. William did a great job with workshops for us last week and I’d be happy to help get you on board if you are having difficulties.

I have registered us for a free, all-ages Zoom presentation with the Royal Botanical Gardens this Friday, the 11th as well.  It is entitled, The Nature of Holiday Traditions. When you think of this time of year, what smells, tastes and colours come to mind? Pine, gingerbread, mulled cider, green, and red? Join Karin to discover how certain plants have been used to celebrate our winter holidays for over 2,000 years within different cultures. Bring your clementine and whole cloves to do a quick craft (optional). Karin was our host for our private Halloween session about pumpkins so those of you who participated will recognize her, but most likely we will not see each other, as adults and students from across North America will be joining in. I will include the event number, link, and password in my email this week for you. Walkers, don’t forget to meet us in the parking lot at the high school on Thursday at 4:30pm. I’ve had scouts reporting back and we may decide to walk through the community south of the grocery store as they seem to be brightly decorated there, but we can easily drive over to the other parking lot if we make the jump.

December 2 -- Brushing up on our Zoom Skills Before Winter 

I think we can all agree that there is one app that has changed the world for all the people who suddenly had to shelter at home last winter. Now work and play are taking place over Zoom and I don’t believe we will ever look back. People from around the globe are coming together for meetings without setting foot on a plane and companies are saving so much time and money by embracing this new approach. Despite some rumours of doubtful security, Zoom has proven to be very safe and secure and is not that hard to master. Having it  allows us to play games, take classes, and tour far- away places. It’s also a wonderful platform for visiting with friends and relatives when we can’t gather indoors. TechTutors once again has come to our aid with workshops and I still have room for one or two more of you to catch one on Thursday morning – call me for details at 613-925-5300.

Our First Link workshops continue this Thursday December 3rd at 1pm with a special guest; Stephane Pigeon, Financial Planner from our Prescott RBC talking and taking your questions about wills and powers of attorney. You do not need to have previously participated with the group to join, but you will need a zoom link from me (walkerhouse@prescott.ca) or from Mary (mcampbell@alzllg.ca)

Our walking club is leaping head first into Christmas mode and we are going to meet on Thursdays at 4:30 to enjoy the sunset and Christmas lights for the upcoming three weeks. Our first meet up will be in the parking lot at the Prescott Golf Club on December 3rd, South Grenville High School on December 10th, and at the clock tower on December 17th. As long as it’s not pouring rain, I will be there bundled up and ready to go. Please throw on something bright, bring a little flashlight, and get some steps in while we enjoy the seasonal decorations.

Looking ahead to next week, we have Una with us on December 7th for Monday Morning Mindfulness at 11am (phone in to 1-866-279-1594 and use passcode 595056 to join) Our Tuesday afternoon Zoom crafters will be working on some branch slice gift tags and ornaments (pick up supplies from me in advance) and Come Draw With Me begins on Wednesday December 9th over Zoom at 1pm. Bring a sketch pad and pencils to your computer and join Sharon Stein to begin drawing landscapes.

Mark the date for Monday December 21st for a winter solstice take out member’s lunch at the Leo Boivin Community Centre. Sign up with Susan for a ham and scalloped potato lunch with holiday raisin sauce, tossed salad, and dessert. Because of Covid safety protocols we will ask you to select an early pick up between 11:30-12 or a later pick up between 12 and 12:30. You can bring $8 in an envelope with your name on it or send an e-transfer in advance and then pop in to quickly and safely say hello and bring a hot lunch home. I am so looking forward to seeing your smiling eyes!

MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.