June 17 Calling all Fibre Fanatics!

Technical difficulties prevented my column from making the paper last week but hopefully you got my email. If you didn’t and you are interested in keeping up with our programs, just send me an email at walkerhouse@prescott.ca and ask to be put on my list. I usually send out one or two emails a month when I have new programming news to share so I have quite a few non-members on my list whose only interest is joining us for trips.

We have a deadline coming up for our July 20th visit to see Anne of Green Gables at the 1000 Islands Playhouse in Gananoque. I need to have your payment by July 4th so I can purchase our tickets and confirm our numbers. We are travelling by school bus from here at 12:30 which will give us time to take in the river views and pick up a cold drink before taking our seats for the show at 2. All are welcome to join us for the world record holder for the “longest running annual musical” for just $42.

If you have been waiting for news about the Twist Fibre Festival I need to hear from you to see if we will be able to get 30 people (or more!) interested in attending on August 16th. We will travel by coach in the morning to visit Montebello and then head over to Saint-André-Avellin for the festival’s opening to visit the many vendors. If you are interested in knitting, spinning, felting, weaving, rug hooking – this is your jam!! We need 30 people to make this a “go” and the cost at that number will be $48. If we are able to attract 40 people, it will drop to $36, so spread the word and sign up with me by mid-July. If we hit our target, I’ll book the coach and we’ll be all set!

I have 10 seats left for our August 3rd trip to Gatineau to see Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria; In a New Light. We leave Walker House by coach at 12:45 with a pick up in Spencerville and then a stop for late lunch/early dinner at the Mandarin or you are free to choose from other restaurants in the plaza. We then continue to the Big Top for the show. Tickets are $124 and open to anyone in the community who would like accompany us.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for our lunch on June 28th featuring Father’s Favourites menu of meatloaf with gravy and mashed potatoes, salad and veggies and strawberry rhubarb crisp with ice cream for dessert.

This week’s card results are:

Euchre: 1st- Alice Milne, 2nd- Micheline Cook, 3rd- Brian Milne, consolation goes to Janet.

Monday Bridge: 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Bev Ortega, 3rd- Ron Harvie. 

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Bob McVicar, 2nd- Ron Harvie.

June 11 - Could it be? Is summer finally here?

I had to make a trek over on the weekend to water our vegetable garden because it was too hot and dry to leave it for two days! Isn’t that exciting? I will be posting a watering calendar by the sign in computer if anyone is willing to adopt a few days over the next months to keep the veggies growing. We have our usual crop of herbs and easy-to-share vegetables like cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, and kale, and appreciate help keeping them healthy.

If you live in town, you’ll notice the increase in bike traffic because the St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival actors are back in town!  Don’t tell them, but I am soon going to need the final numbers for our trip to the 1000 Islands Playhouse to see Anne of Green Gables. We have centre seats in the Springer Theatre for the Saturday matinee performance on July 20th for only $42 including bus transportation from here. Membership is not required, so please call me at 613-925-5300, drop in, or register online at http://app.bookking.ca/TownofPrescott. I have our beautiful print recreation guides here if you’d like to know all the other great events for all ages taking place this summer in the fort town.

Don’t forget our new summer exercise classes. All members are welcome to drop in for both Grow Young fitness on Mondays at 9am and Groove on Thursdays at 3:45. We enjoyed our Groove experience last week and found their senior option was very accessible and easily modified to suit most fitness levels as is the mostly chair based Grow Young. There is no charge to participate and I encourage everyone to give them a try.

I still have tickets here for A Taste of Prescott coming up this Friday June 14th and I want to remind everyone joining us for the island breakfast on June 20th that we have an 8am sharp departure so please check in before then. We are hoping that our weather mojo is back after our frosty visit to the tulip festival and we have warm, sunny days for both those events!

At our Parkinson’s support group meeting this week there was discussion about taking a summer break and resuming meetings again in September. Our convenor, Joanne, will be in contact with everyone who has signed up. The Iroquois group has already decided to continue meeting monthly and will be available to you if we do take two months off.

This week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- John Walsh, 2nd- Brian Milne, 3rd- Joan Salmon.

Euchre: 1st- Walter Picavet, 2nd- Micheline Cook, 3rd- Elaine Bolton, consolation-Findlay Hill.

 Saturday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown, 2nd- Mona Smith.

June 5  -  Register here for Summer Recreation Programs

Our kitchen crew has decided to give ourselves a bit of a break for our June lunch after we busted out two very big buffets in April and May and we are going with a theme of “Father’s Favourites” as a nod to Father’s Day. Our date is the 28th of June and our menu includes Mom’s best meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, veggies, and a hot strawberry, rhubarb crumble with ice cream. Sounds great to me, and I’m not even a father!

Our two new exercise programs take place here on Mondays at 9am for our chair class, Grow Young Fitness, and Thursdays at 3:45 for Groove. We had a technical hiccup on this week for our inaugural class, but a quick trip to Play It Star for a new cord has already solved that for future classes, so come on down. I have some small hand weights if you don’t have any, and no other special clothing or equipment is required.  I encourage everyone looking for a gentle but effective strengthening workout to come and give it a try. Groove is definitely more high energy, but is easily adapted to a lower impact approach and both classes are free for members. For Groove, you want either bare feet or shoes that you can dance in.

I still have tickets here for A Taste of Prescott, coming up on June 14th. I also have printed copies of the town’s parking efficiencies survey; you have until the 20th to complete one and have your say. The Summer Play Guides are not in from the printers yet, but I will have them available as soon as they are. We will also be hosting registration on the 11th from 10-12 for all programs. You’ll be able to pay for any program using cash or card and then join us for a coffee and a treat. You can go online and register at http://app.bookking.com/TownOfPrescottPub if you prefer, too.

On Monday June 10th, our Parkinson’s Support Group is bringing in Rock, our new pharmacist at the local Shopper’s Drug Mart, with Carolyn Burpee to discuss and answer questions about Parkinson’s medications. The support meeting is held on the 2nd Monday of every month at 10am and is open to everyone in the community.

Please let me know if you are interested in playing Mah Jong, as we have something starting up.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- Karen Burningham, 2nd- Mona Smith, 3rd- Findlay Hill.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown,2nd- Mona Smith.

Euchre: 1st- Brian Milne, 2nd- Cathy Bolton, 3rd- Walter Picavet, Consolation, Elaine Bolton.

May 28  Get your Groove on with us – two new classes are starting in June!

Aqua-fit is beginning again at the Prescott pool and we also have new exercise classes for you. On Monday mornings beginning on the 3rd of June at 9am, Pat and I will take turns hosting Grow Young Fitness classes here. We have access to a number of chair exercise programs with focusses on balance, knees, and core strength and we will explore them all over time. The exercises all take place from chairs and have come highly recommended. We are also going to be offering a Thursday afternoon class called “Groove” beginning on the 6th of June. I’ve purchased a variety of DVDs that we can use to guide us through this very loose and free-form dance-based exercise program. They are designed to be easily modified so the classes can be as low impact as you like, and I know from experience that they are super easy and not complicated at all. If you enjoy dancing but have been frustrated by classes that are too complicated, I encourage you to come and give Groove a try with me. We will be starting around 3:45 right after euchre has finished up and will likely aim for a 40 minute session. There is no charge for either of these classes for members of Walker House because they were purchased using grant money and no need to sign up in advance.

Join us for your Chinese food favourites on Friday, May 31st at 11:30. Our menu features Asian chicken and green bean salad, wonton soup, egg rolls, beef stir fry, rice, and chop suey and I’m still hoping for enough rhubarb to use in our dessert, but I am promising a sweet ending of some kind. Sign up by Thursday if you can. Bunka Babes will be having a similar lunch on the 6th of June as a fundraiser towards the installation of Ann’s bench which we are all excited for!

Anne and Irene have been hard at work in our garden and you will notice some lovely new flowers and our herbs and some of our veggies are in, too, in time to benefit from the forecast rain this week. I so appreciate their help and I know that all of us enjoy their beautiful and tasty work.

Here are this week’s card results:

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Brian Milne, 2nd- Ron Harvie.

Monday Bridge: 1st- Joanne Walsh, 2nd- Barb Berry, 3rd- Ron Harvie.

Euchre: 1st- Elaine Bolton, 2nd- Walter Picavet, 3rd- Alice Milne, consolation prize – Micheline Cook.

May 21 - Do you need a teenager in your life?

We are getting close to the end of the school year, which means that our co-op student will soon be finishing his time with us. I know from firsthand experience how helpful he is when I need some tech help because he’s been setting up all our electronics at home since he turned 9. I am offering members the chance if they don’t have a handy teenager at home to come and borrow mine!

Call me at 613-925-5300 to book a half hour with Riley any Tuesday after 3:30 and let me know what you are bringing in: laptop, tablet, or smart phone and whether it is an apple or an android. For serious tech support, we always recommend calling Tech Tutors, but for general set up and usage help this should be just the ticket!

We had a very nice trip to Ottawa to visit the tulips despite some surprisingly brisk weather and a distinct lack of flowers in bloom. There were a couple of gardens in full colour, but the vast majority were just green buds unfortunately. We managed to have a super time despite that. I did my part to entertain by doing a graceful nosedive over a cement barrier at the Diefenbunker and somehow survived with no chipped teeth. My knees are gloriously bruised but my split lip is healing nicely and I’ll be all set for my spring barbershop competition this weekend, so I feel fortunate for that. If you are ever going for a trip and fall, I can highly recommend doing it with a group of grandmothers around – I had tissues and Tylenol appear out of purses like magic just when I needed them! Thank you so much for taking care of me.

I must also thank Marnie Lippiatt who created a crochet pattern for us along with many pairs of chair socks to help us protect our new floors from scratches. I have had a number of other volunteers take yarn and the pattern home to start working on some as well so we should soon be all covered.

We will be having a special Hoops and Hooks rug punch workshop on the 28th at the Ruth Evanson Room at town hall and the 31st is our member’s lunch. Our kitchen crew will be working up a buffet of Chinese food favourites with our special homemade twist for our meal at 11:30 for our usual $8. Please join us for wonton soup, egg rolls, chow mein, Asian chicken and green bean salad, fried rice, and beef stir fry.

I have tickets here for our town’s annual wine and food show, A Taste of Prescott, coming up on the 14th of June and I received the good news that our Walker House team won the team spirit award for the Fort Town Night Run, so yay us!

Monday’s bridge results are: 1st- Bob McVicar, 2nd- Mona Smith, 3rd- Cay Brown.

Saturday; 1st- Mona Smith, 2nd-Cay Brown.

I don’t have any euchre scores to report for this week.


May 15 In Short

            I have had a busy week and learned so many new things. I was fortunate to attend a Compassion Fatigue workshop put on by Alzheimer’s Lanark Leeds Grenville and our Parkinson’s support group brought in a representative from the Canadian Cannabis Clinic who cleared up a lot of misinformation about medical cannabis and its possible benefits for geriatric patients in general and specifically its relation to Parkinson’s Disease. Next months meeting is at 10 o’clock on the 10th of June and Carolyn Burpee will be here from Shoppers Drug Mart for a Q&A about medications.

            I received the good news that our Walker House team won the team spirit award for the Fort Town Night Run, so yay us!

            Because of timing issues, I have only euchre scores for you this week. Drop in shortly before 1:30 on Thursdays if you would like to someday see your name in print!

1st- Brian Milne, 2nd- Findlay Hill, Michelin Cook, and Kathy Creamer. The consolation prize went to Elaine Bolton.


May 7 - Hello Sunshine!

Now this is more like it! I believe that summer might actually come this year after all. It was a little chilly on Saturday for the Fort Town Night Run, but our intrepid team of walkers just put on an extra layer and thoroughly enjoyed walking and chatting and the 5 k flew by! We especially liked the excitement as the runners of the 10 k passed us on their way to the finish line – it was a fun event and I’d like to thank Michel for creating a group category so we could participate (at our somewhat slower pace!)

I’ve purchased 26 tickets for the Island Breakfast on June 20th, but our bus will hold over 40 and we will gladly take more as long as I can still get tickets for the breakfast. If you decide to come, it is $18. Our sold-out trip to Ottawa for the Diefenbunker Museum and the Tulip Festival is taking place on May 16th and we will be departing from Walker House at 8:30. An early lunch at the Glen Scottish Pub is included and we will return when our tour at the museum wraps up so most likely will be back here around 3:45-4pm. There is lots of room under the coach if you would like to bring a walker for the museum “just in case”.

I’d also like to remind everyone that our Parkinson’s Group is bringing in a guest speaker from the Canadian Cannabis Clinic on Monday May 13th at 10am.If you would like to know more about how cannabis may positively affect Parkinson’s disease then please come. I attended a presentation called “Clearing the Haze” last week that covered various aspects of medical marijuana put on by the Alzheimers Society of Lanark, Leeds, Grenville and it was fascinating. I learned a lot about the changing legalities and am looking forward to learning what other beneficial applications there may be.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- Ann Dunlop, 2nd- Ron Harvie, 3rd- Joanne Walsh.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Karen Burningham, 2nd- Carole Rafuse.

Euchre: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd – Brian Milne, 3rd was a three way tie with first timer Janet Dunn sharing the honours with Norma Kerr, and Alice Milne. Consolation went to Jean McCrady.

There will be no bridge on Saturday May 11th as many of our players will be attending a celebration of Kitty Wormington’s life at the Prescott Golf Club from 2-4.

April 30 What’s next in our amazing summer plans? Anne of Green Gables and Cirque du Soleil!!

We have always had a great time going to see Cirque du Soleil and keep watch for special ones that will be in our area. We are in for a treat as we will be able for the first time to attend one of the big top shows! Saturday, August 3rd we have a departure planned for early afternoon via Howard’s coach to travel in comfort to Nepean for a late lunch stop. I have made a group reservation for the delicious Mandarin restaurant but there are a number of other restaurants in the vicinity for anyone who would like a choice. We depart from there to head to Gatineau for the 4:30 show of Alegria where we have fantastic accessible seats together in section 201 under the air conditioned big top. Included in your fee of just $124 is the return coach trip and our seats for the show – lunch will be up to each individual. You do not have to be a member of Walker House to join us for the day, so please share with your friends.

Tickets are still available for the island breakfast on June 20th but I will need to confirm our number of tickets soon so please confirm with me (ideally with cash or cheque for $18) by the 6th of May. If you can’t make it in, a call at 613-925-5300 works too.

I was going to repeat the details again for our visit to the Thousand Islands Playhouse on July 20th but it looks like I may never have written that up in the Journal at all, so SURPRISE!! We’ll be attending Anne of Green Gables, the longest running musical in the world in July!  For this short drive we will hop on a school bus so the cost including our centre orchestra seats in the lovely riverside theatre is $42 per person. We leave Walker House at 12:30pm and can do a pick up in Brockville if it’s easier for anyone. Our show is at 2, so that gives us time to purchase a drink and head in to our seats. We will return here immediately following the show. Membership is not required to enjoy this day with us.

We have confirmed a guest speaker from the Canadian Cannabis Clinic for our Parkinson’s group meeting on Monday, May 13th from 10-noon.  They will have information and be able to answer questions pertaining to cannabis use (in particular how it may benefit Parkinsons patients). I anticipate there may be a lot of interest in this one, so I am asking for this session that you call or email me at walkerhouse@prescott.ca to register so I can be sure to have the room set up properly.

This week’s card winners are:

Monday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown, 2nd- Karen Burningham, 3rd- Brian Milne.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Valerie Schulz, 2nd- Ron Shannon.

Euchre: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Jean Dufour, 3rd- Alice Milne, consolation prize – Elaine Bolton.

April 22 Come Walk off those Easter treats with us!

I hope everyone is feeling energized after the long weekend and Easter celebrations. We have a lovely lunch planned for this Friday  April 26 with chicken breast in creamy lemon parmesan sauce, rice, pasta salad and buttered carrots and a special Easter cake for dessert. It all starts at 11:30 for $8 and our special guest this month is Dale from Seniors 4 Seniors. I’d like to call out to our kitchen volunteers who always make it such fun to cook together. I worked with a chef once who said you should never cook in a bad mood, because the food won’t taste as good. I think members will attest that we put lots of smiles and good vibes into our lunches!

We have 5 signed up thus far to walk in our team on May 4th and are happy to have more. The special group category means that we can either make a small donation to be on the team or find a sponsor or two. The greater fort town area charity supports youth oriented activities that encourage outdoor fitness. The 5K walk begins at 8:30 at the fort and there are lots of fun activities planned before and after. There are awards for costume and team spirit so let’s dress in our brightest colours and anything that glows in the dark. Just like last year when we cheered the racers on here, I’ll have glow sticks for everyone. If you would like, let’s meet here at 8 and then we can carpool over to the fort to make parking easier.

We have bags here for pick up for anyone taking part in the Prescott Clean Up Day. On Saturday April 27th there will be a registration table and BBQ just off our parking lot in Centennial Park and everyone is welcome to drop by in the morning and pick up bags and gloves and choose an area to tidy. You can also drop in to Walker House any time this week to get your package and sign up for the area you’d like to tackle and you can do your part at your convenience. Check in by phone when you are done to let staff know where you have left your garbage bags and that’s all there is to it! I have been a volunteer at the clean up day for the past ten years or so and I am always astounded by the amount of garbage that we are able to clear from our public spaces and what an incredible difference it makes.

Sign ups for our Refugee Island breakfast on June 20th are moving briskly and friends are welcome to come along with us for the ride. $18 covers your bus to Brockville St Lawrence Park, a boat ride to the island and a full hot breakfast with entertainment. What a great way to celebrate the beginning of summer!

Here are this week’s card scores:

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Cay Brown, 2nd – Bob McVicar.

We had a three way tie for 3rd place at euchre on Thursday with 1st going to Findlay Hill, 2nd- Alice Milne, 3rd- Micheline Cook, Elaine Bolton, Jessie Shaver and the consolation prize was proudly claimed by Mary Typhair.

April 17 -  I’ve Got Plans To Keep You Busy Until The Snow Flies Again!


After bouncing ideas around and failing to find a big draw for either Toronto or Niagara theatre, I’ve decided to go with monthly day trips for the rest of this year. My fingers are crossed that Mirvish Theatre will decide to offer group sales for “Hamilton” next year and we will definitely do an overnight then!

So with that; I’ll offer up the next day trip for your consideration: Breakfast at Refugee Island. We will depart by school bus from Walker House at 8am on the morning of Thursday, June 20th and go to St. Lawrence Park in Brockville where we will be ferried across in smaller boats to Refugee Island to enjoy a full hot breakfast with toast, eggs, bacon, ham, pancakes with local syrup, local strawberries, and even baked beans. This popular yearly fundraiser includes entertainment and happens rain or shine, so dress appropriately. It is sheltered from the weather but the terrain is “natural” so there will be some uneven walking although there are golf carts offering rides on the main land and lots of helping hands. The cost to come with us is $18 and includes your breakfast and the ride from Walker House and back. Friends of Walker House are welcome to come with us; membership is not required, but I need to have your money by the end of the first week in May so that I can purchase a large block of tickets.

 I do have a couple of spots now available for both August performances of “Come From Away” at the NAC in Ottawa, and I have started a waiting list for the filled up May trip to Ottawa to visit the tulip festival and tour the Diefenbunker. Call me at 925-5300 or drop in to grab them!

The spring session for yoga with Sue Turner begins again this week. The ten-week session (April 18-June 20th) offers hatha yoga at St. Paul’s United Church from 9:30-10:30 and Walker House members can attend for only $50 in advance or $6 to drop in. We have made some changes to the chair yoga classes and they are returning to the Ruth Evanson room in our municipal building at 360 Dibble St from 11-noon. This program is now supported by the Town of Prescott. The chair yoga class is open to anyone in the community who is looking for a chair based, gentle yoga class for a drop-in fee of only $2 per class (or register for all 10 weeks for $20). Non-town residents pay $6 drop-in and $50 full session. The elevator runs up to the 2nd floor so the bright, airy room is easily accessible for anyone.


This week’s card results:

Euchre (Thursdays at 1:30) 1st-Mary Typhair, 2nd- Jean McCready, 3rd- Alice Milne. Consolation: Micheline Cook.

Saturday Bridge (1:30) 1st- Valerie Schulz, 2nd- Ron Shannon.

 Monday Bridge (1pm) 1st- Brian Milne, 2nd- Ron Harvie, 3rd- John Walsh.

November 21 The Details are here for “Come From Away” this summer 


“Come From Away” is breaking records in it’s run on Broadway and selling out in Toronto since it arrived there. Broadway Across Canada brings this poignant, funny, lively, musical, and very, very Canadian show to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa next summer for a short run so we are planning to go again for more! I have booked orchestra seats for the evening show on Wednesday, August 28thand the matinee on Saturday, August 31st and a coach bus from Howards to take us there and back in comfort. Both trips include time before the show for either dinner or lunch on Elgin, Sparks St or the Byward Market at your expense with the coach will be returning directly to Walker House after the applause finishes. If requested, a pick up in Brockville or along the 416 can be arranged for you. Non-members are welcome to join us and I am asking for at least a $50 deposit upon booking if you don’t want to pay in full. As with all of our trips I will be starting a waiting list and if you ever need to cancel I do my best to fill your seat and give a complete refund. I’ve posted two sign up sheets and both have 56 spots at $166. Anyone joining us from out of town can call me at 613-925-5300 to hold a spot and send in a cheque to Walker House, or drop by to see me in person and sign up.



MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.