October 11 -- Falling Leaves

What glorious weather we’ve been given for our last weeks of outdoor programming. I’ve just returned from our Tuesday morning walk by the river and it feels more like August than October.


Here is a quick update for you. Things are changing quickly as we begin moving inside and I will keep you informed as we progress.


Walking continues for the fall at 9:30 on Tuesdays from Walker House and on Fridays from the amphitheatre.


This Wednesday marks the final outdoor Hoops and Hooks on the lawn with their planned entrance on the 20th and 27th. They have divided into two cohorts (Thelma and Louise) to meet the Ontario requirements.


Strength Training for Women over 50 moves indoors at the Leo Boivin Community Centre on the 18th at 10:30. Because of the size of the space, we do not have to worry about our group size.

·         Remember to bring your ID and Proof of Vaccination when you attend your first indoor class and allow a few extra minutes for check-in.


Our Plein Air art classes will be outside on Thursday the 14th and 28th at 1pm. I’ve had a few questions about what that means so here you go: Plein Air comes from a French term that simply means a workshop that takes place outdoors or in “full air”. The big advantage is that it teaches the eye to take a 3D image that is constantly changing with the light shifts and the wind and translate that into a sketch or painting on paper. Bring your own supplies whether that be pencils, pastels, even oil paints are fair game in the fresh air. Jackie is an encouraging teacher who welcomes all experience levels to give this a try. It most likely will be too cold in November to continue and the group will merge into the Wednesday afternoon Art Studio until next spring when they are able to venture outdoors again.


We return to Brockville for a second day trip on the River Route on the 21st and I encourage everyone who is considering this to join us. Give me a call for more details and for tickets.

Have a great week.


October 7 -- Covid Heros and Haunted History Walk

I hope you are enjoying this continued mild weather; it’s my favourite time of the year because I know it won’t last and that makes every ray of sun more precious!


It’s very good news for us for our planned walk with the Brockville Museum this Friday the 8th. For only $8 you are invited to walk with Peggy and I as she tells spooky tails of this area’s “Haunted History” and it promises to be a beautiful day. Numbers are being limited to keep us all safe and comfortable so please let me know how many to expect. Include your friends if they would enjoy it as we have room for 6 more. We meet up at the Brockville Museum at 5 Henry Street to depart at 2pm for our tour. You just need to come prepared for a comfortable stroll and possibly a patio snack afterwards. Do let me know if you need a ride and I’ll try to help.


There is still time to single someone out who made a difference in our community and say “thank you” in a tangible way by recognizing them with a Heroes of Covid Award. Nominations are being accepted until Friday of this week and the presentations will happen in November.  You will see more information below at the end of my newsletter.


I look forward to continuing our fresh air activities and to returning indoors at Walker House – I’m especially excited to show you our kitchen and all the bright new paint and flooring.  Our Strength Training for Women Over 50 is going to be moving  indoors on Monday the 18th of October at 10:30 at the Leo Boivin Community Centre and I’d like to have everyone else meeting in Walker House before the end of the month. Please reach out to me with any questions you have about that.


From my home to yours; Happy Thanksgiving! 

Susan Vallom

613-925-5300                                                                                                      TOWN OF PRESCOTT

                                        2021 HEROES OF COVID-19 AWARDS

The COVID-19 pandemic created many challenges for the people, organizations, and businesses in our area. During the past year and a half, we’ve relied on many people and organizations to help to get us all through these tough times. These people from all walks of life have gone above and beyond to help. These Heroes walk among us!  Do you know someone who has made a noteworthy contribution to the Town of     Prescott?

The Town is currently accepting nominations for 2021 Heroes of COVID-19 Awards. Nominators can visit Town Hall or www.prescott.ca for a nomination form designed to help with the submission. Letters of recommendation are welcome and may be attached to  the nomination form.

Nominated citizens or organizations are expected to have displayed a broad range of contributions in the Town of Prescott, or to have demonstrated commitment to one or more particular causes, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nominators are urged to provide specific examples and details about what the nominee has accomplished. Please list activities and contributions, results, achievements, beneficiaries of the nominee’s efforts, honours, awards, and memberships in civic and professional organizations.

Nominees do not have to reside in the Town of Prescott, although the person’s achievements and contributions must be focused on or in the town. Nominations will be accepted until 4:30 pm on Friday, October 8th, 2021.

The award for Heroes of COVID-19 Awards will be presented at an award ceremony hosted by the Mayor and Council of the Town of Prescott in November of 2021.

Please send nominations, with subject line HEROES OF COVID-19 NOMINATION to:


Town of Prescott

360 Dibble Street West, P.O. Box 160

Prescott Ontario

K0E 1T0

With questions about nomination, or for more information about eligibility, please contact:

Lindsey Veltkamp, Director of Administration/Clerk, Town of Prescott

lveltkamp@prescott.ca (613) 925 2812 ext. 6225





September 27 -- a few changes

We have a few schedule changes for you this week. On Monday afternoons the ukulele players have the yard to ourselves at 1pm because the carving club is meeting on Wednesdays (at 1pm) only. We are excited to have some new uke players joining us and I am looking for a teacher to come for lessons after we return indoors. After the change last week to accommodate the election, Mary returns with Strength Training for Women over 50 on Mondays at 10:30.


Our Book Club is back and I will have them available for pick-up on the 5th of October with our discussion planned for the 28th at 1pm. Our book this month is “Indiscretion” by Charles Dubow and it is intriguingly described as an “irresistible, sensual page-turner” so how can we refuse?


The Walking Group continues on Tuesdays from the parking lot behind Walker House and on Fridays from the amphitheatre but beginning this week with a later start of 9:30 because the heat of summer is definitely behind us. If you haven’t joined us before and need some more fresh air in your life, please know that we partner up according to our individual speed so you don’t need to be a race walker to join in. 


We are joining Peggy Hause from the Brockville Museum on Friday the 8th of October for Haunted Histories. 8 of us walked the historic waterfront with her last month and enjoyed a great morning together. We were almost 2 hours from start to finish, walking at a very leisurely space, stopping often to talk about featured spots. This time, we meet at the museum at 2pm and the stories are deliciously spooky! I will need you to register because their tour size is limited to a maximum of 10 at the moment.


Weather permitting, Hoops and Hooks will be hosting a Trunk Sale on the morning of the 29th and you are invited to shop or to sell your craft supplies/kits. Start time is usually around 9:30 and people bring a picnic lunch or stroll over to Katarina’s for take-out.


I’ll be escorting two “tours” of the new River Route bus service between Prescott and Brockville in October and have discounted tickets here for $4 each way. Our first outing will be on Tuesday the 5thand we will depart from the Prescott stops at 11am with two options to return from the big box stores (one at 1:30 and a later one at 3:30). Our plan is to disembark at the Big Box stores on Parkedale at 11:30 for some shopping and lunch and it’s up to you how long you’d like to take.  On Thursday the 21st of October, we will use the same departing bus from Prescott but we’ll leave the River Route and transfer to a Brockville bus to learn how to get to an appointment at the hospital and then disembark downtown for a bit of shopping and lunch before hopping back onto a city bus to the hub on Parkedale for our return home. I have schedules and tickets here for pre-purchase so that you can start your trip at the stop nearest your home. This is a pilot project to see if the demand can sustain a permanent bus route connecting Cardinal and Brockville with an easy and affordable shared transportation option. If you don’t have a car,  don’t enjoy winter driving, or just want a fun outing then this one is for you!

September 21 -- On the Road Again!

Here’s the big news….


Beginning in the second half of October, groups will be returning indoors and my plan is to have everyone back home by Halloween. Of course, I expect the unexpected, but with patience and luck we’ll get there. I’ll work with each convenor to review the  protocols and schedules and we continue to stay happy and busy in the meantime. There may be some shuffling in the schedule as I try to accommodate everyone with the restricted capacity but I will do my best to keep your time slot the same; there has been enough enforced change and I don’t want to add to that.


People have asked if I will offer Seniors Centre Without Walls again this winter and the answer is yes. Its such a great cold weather way to stay connected.


Highlights for the coming weeks include Plein Air art at 1pm alternate Thursdays (Sept 23, Oct 14 and 28). Walking club returns to our later start time of 9:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays on the last week of September and we will be returning to an indoor walking club at the Leo Boivin sometime in October.


Our special Haunted Walk through Brockville on the 8th meets Peggy at 2pm from the Brockville Museum. I will need to pre-register our group for the tour like the last time, so please let me know and the price is still $8. We thoroughly enjoyed our historic waterfront at a nice leisurely pace.


We’ll explore the River Route transit system together (does this count as a day trip? I’ve missed them so!) Return tickets ($8), schedules, and all the details are here. Oct 5th we’ll depart Prescott at 11am to the Parkedale big box stores for shopping and lunch, returning at 3:30. On the 21st we depart at 11am and will transfer onto the city bus passing the hospital and downtown (you know I always fit shopping and lunch in, if I can) with the same 3:30 River Route bus home. This fantastic new service can be a bit intimidating, so please let me know what would help. I will keep our group size small and add new trips as requested. I have rack cards with the route details but I am also attaching the schedule and the local transit routes to this email so you can print them. I will be catching the bus at Shoppers Drug Mart, but you are welcome to pick it up anywhere along the route as long as you have a ticket from me. Tickets can also be purchased on board for $5 (exact change only) ; I got a discount by purchasing in quantity.


For Monday the 20th, Mary has a commitment so our strength training has been bumped to Tuesday morning at 10:30 just this once. The aqua fit gang continues at the beach as long as the river is warm but they have delayed their start time to 11am with no swim on Tuesdays and a 1pm swim on Mondays.


Remember to check out our Facebook page and that membership remains free for the remainder of 2021 so this is a great time to invite your friends to check us out. We do fall under the groups required to be vaccinated and all members returning indoors will have to bring their paper with them on the first day they return. If you don’t have a print out you can go https://covid19.ontariohealth.ca to download yours, but for now this is the same document that you were given when you received your shot. If things go according to the plan as I understand it, then we will all receive something new (the vaccine “passport”) in October and we will use that as our proof of vaccination once that date has passed.


September 9 -- After the Rain

I wanted to send a quick message to let you know that there are still a couple of spaces to join the walking tour on Friday morning. Because of safety protocols, I do need you to email or phone me to pre-register. Peggy Hause who was our virtual tour guide many times over the winter will be escorting us on a leisurely walk through the waterfront areas in Brockville. We will meet at the Museum just before 10:30 and the forecast looks amazing (for a change). I’ll pick up half the cost so you have only to pay $5 to participate. 


Our trunk sale was rained out this morning but we will have another kick at the can on the Hoops and Hooks next meeting day, on the 29th in the morning.


Next week pop by on the 15th at 1pm for soap stone polishing and make a sweet little tea light candle holder with Joe; no registration is necessary for this one. You may also want to pop by on Tuesday afternoon when our craft group will be showing off the results of our tie-dye workshop this week. It’ll be Groovy, Baby!

September 3 -- Yes, it is September already

Well here we are in September. Schools start up for most kids again next week which always gives me a feeling of new beginnings for all ages. Let’s hope so. I’m ready to turn the page and start a new chapter.  Walker House is getting close to the finish line with just some plumbing work and a few finishing details left before we will be ready to complete unpacking all the boxes and set our centre up again. I’m sure everyone is aware that the Ontario Ministry of Health has set a new requirement for providing proof of vaccination to access many indoor public venues. From my conversations with members participating in our outdoor and virtual events recently, I think this will be welcome news to many. I truly hope it helps you feel more comfortable to gather indoors later this fall after such a long break.


Until then, we have some special events planned and our regular schedule continues. I’ve shared a photo to our Facebook page of our intrepid mermaids who meet for aqua fit in the river most days…even today when the water was probably ten degrees warmer than the air! Their usual time is 10am except for Mondays at 1pm and they take Tuesdays off. Thank you on behalf of all the ladies to Marg, Muriel, and Willy who keep things moving. Other fitness activities ongoing are walking on Tuesdays from Walker House and Fridays from the amphitheatre at 9am. Mondays at 10:30 we’ve been enjoyingStrength Training for Women over 50 with Mary and she will be holding class on Labour Day, so come on down and work off the BBQ from the weekend. 


Please sign up for a more casual stroll with Peggy at the Brockville Museum on Friday the 10th at 10:30. We will travel on foot along the river and enjoy her moving presentation about the historic waterfront. Covid protocols limit participants to 10 so I ask that you register with me in advance at 613-925-5300. The cost to participate is just $5 and we will pick up the rest. 


Tuesday the 7th our craft group will be tie-dying at 1pm with a rain date of the 14th. Wednesday the 8th from 10-noon(ish) Prescott Hoops and Hooks is enjoying a picnic lunch and hosting a craft trunk sale. Come to shop, visit, or sell – just come! Some of the guild can’t make it that date, so we will do it all again, weather permitting, when they meet on the 29th of September.


In carving news, Joe will be helping us polish lovely soapstone tea light holders on Wednesday the 15th. This is an easy activity that yields a very special result. No experience is required and all are invited to give it a try. We ask for $6 to cover some of the cost of the soapstone and you can pick your piece when you arrive from the variety of colours. Please bring a small plastic bin (approximately 8X12 inches) and a couple of soft rags if you have them for polishing. An apron is not a bad idea to protect from splashes. We provide the wet sanding supplies, beeswax polish, and Joe ;)


Our small but mighty ukulele players meet on Mondays at 1 (not on Labour Day, though) and we are currently working on our chucking strum (to Wimoweh) and finger picking to Elvis, “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”. Both sheet music and tutorials can be found on YouTube by Cynthia Lin or I can email or print the music for you. We are all in some stage of beginner and we welcome you to join regardless of where you are in your playing.

Don’t forget the fantastic line up of singers at the amphitheatre on Monday and what looks to be a glorious fireworks display on Saturday night at the fort.


MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.