August 2 Contract Bridge will be new on the agenda

Friday started off a really great weekend in Prescott with a real bang! We enjoyed a fabulous Christmas dinner thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who helped make it happen. Irene hung our wreath on the door, and our craft group made pretty decorations for the tables, Pat and Fran and Carol and Ivy and Arminda were rock stars in the kitchen and Greta and Gina were dish divas and helped me get the kitchen back to normal after it was all done. Thank you all from all of us who enjoyed the day - it truly could not have happened without you! We had a great time opening our presents, too. Santa must know I have a holiday in my future because I picked a box with an oven mitt stuffed with a spatula and mixes for biscuits and muffins that just need water; perfect for glamping on the St Lawrence!

I got an extra special surprise when Pat gave me a quilt for an early birthday present (its a big one this year!) She made me a "signature" quilt that has blank spaces for people to sign and has somehow been sneaking it around Walker House so it already is filled with good wishes. It will be upstairs in the quilting room for a week or so for anyone who would like to add their name to it or just admire it. I feel pretty spoiled and very lucky!

This week marks the last of our bridge lessons and I know there are some participants who would like to see contract bridge on our schedule so they can practice all their new skills. I would also really like to see this happen, so I invite anyone who would enjoy playing contract bridge at Walker House to jump in with their thoughts on preferred times. Currently, we have a few evenings as early as 4pm free, Monday mornings could work and also Sundays. Membership to Walker House is just $15 a year and the founding group would set the parameters for play. I'd like to take a final opportunity to acknowledge our teachers; Rick and Judy Darling, who have done a fantastic job with bridge lessons for the past months.

Vivian is taking August off, so there will be no Monday exercise classes but she will return after Labour Day with her Wednesday morning chair fitness class. Remember that though a lot of area activities are on summer hiatus, you can still drop in for coffee and a chat every Tuesday morning between 10 and noon and except for rug hooking and exercise classes, all our other activities continue through the year and the schedule can be found on our website  You can also follow us on Facebook by looking for Walker House Prescott. 

Here are this week's bridge scores:

Monday: 1st-John Walsh, 2nd- Karen Burningham, 3rd- Bob McVicar.

Saturday: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Cay Brown.

There were not enough players on Thursday to keep score so euchre just played for fun and they were all winners! If you would like to join in, drop in any Thursday around 1:15 to sign up and play.

July 24 Fa La La La La!

Its here! Christmas in July takes place this Friday July 27th  at 11:30. We’ll be cooking up your favourite turkey dinner with stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and veggies and some yummy pies for dessert! It’s our usual $8 but please bring a wrapped gift so everyone has a little Christmas present to go with their lunch($10 range). I’ll have a table for men’s gifts, one for ladies gifts, and one for gifts that would make anyone happy and people can chose from whichever pile they wish. I’ll take sign ups at 613-925-5300 until Thursday. I am also looking for some volunteers to help with clean up afterwards and thanks so much to everyone who has signed up to help with the cooking.

Last week was super! We had two field trips – one via coach bus to Ottawa that went off without a hitch. The heatwave broke just in time for us to enjoy yoga on Parliament Hill and everyone agreed that the Green Door restaurant has earned it’s reputation – lunch was delicious! Thank you to Sue Turner for inspiring this one.

Friday we travelled a little more “cheap and cheerful” via school bus since we were just jaunting westward to Gananoque to see “Harvest”. What a treat it was! It had a cast of 2 in a very intimate setting in the Fire Hall Theatre and the staging and acting were superb. Then I got to finish my week with 3 shifts on the front of the house for our summer of love at the St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival! I feel like I have already had my Christmas present! People want to know which show is the favourite; which one should they see first? Well, I can’t pick one this year; I really enjoy them both sooo much!

I received a request from a student researcher at the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research with the “Seniors Bullying Seniors: What is Happening in Ontario? Project”. She has an invitation for our members to complete the Senior to Senior Bullying Survey. This survey was developed in partnership between Sheridan College and Elder Abuse Ontario (EAO) to better understand bullying between peers aged 55+ in Ontario and is available in 5 languages. If you want your voice to be heard on this topic, you can find the survey here: or I will have some printed paper copies here for you, if you prefer.

Here are this week’s card scores:

Monday Bridge: 1st- Joan Salmon, 2nd- Ann Dunlop, 3rd-Karen Burningham.

Saturday Bridge: 1st- Mary Typhair, 2nd- Ron Shannon.

Euchre: 1st- Jean Annable, 2nd- Brian Milne, 3rd- Jean McRady, consolation went to Hazel Wallace.


July 17 Feeling Prescott Proud!

These days are passing in a bit of a haze, but I've enjoyed the extra time spent outside in the gardens. We hosted the Communities in Blooms judges for their coffee break as they toured the town on Monday and as we shared our stories of Prescott, we were feeling very proud. Regardless of the outcome of this year's contest, a huge thank you needs to be said to the tireless parks and rec and public works staff on the front lines and all the other town staff who have come together and taken on the ever growing tasks involved with planning, planting, and maintaining all our beautiful gardens and park spaces. If you think back a few years to how we looked and then take a walk through today there is a very visible difference. Kudos to everyone who shared the vision of how great our town could look. We try to always remember and acknowledge the fantastic volunteers that take part (and heaven knows we wouldn't be here without them!)  but I'd like to acknowledge the staff who have gone above and beyond especially given the weather this year. 

Another volunteer group that is near and dear to my heart is our St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival crew. One thing that they could use this year to protect matinee performers from the sun is a few more umbrellas. If you have any in good working condition that you can donate to the festival, they would be much appreciated. They can be dropped off in the kitchen at Walker House and I'll bring them down to the amphitheatre if that's convenient for you.

Remember when you are out shopping this week that you'll need a wrapped gift for our Christmas in July lunch on Friday July 27th. Just a little treat, under $10 please, to add to the festivities. We will have a delicious spread of turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings with pies for dessert and even better than the $8 price tag is the fact that you don't have to turn on the oven at home! There is still room if you haven't signed up yet.

Happy news for the card players is that Brian is back, but here are your scores too:

Monday Bridge  1-Valerie Schulz 2nd Ron Shannon 3rd Ron Harvie. 

Euchre – Jean Annable, 2nd- Jean Grant 3rd-Hazel Wallace and the consolation prize goes to Dora Martin.

The Walsh's swept Saturday Bridge with John taking first place and Joanne close behind in second place.

July 10 All the cool kids are at Walker House…

…or at least, they should be! Last week in that unbearable heat, I saw some activities with a lower attendance than normal as people stayed indoors, but something else was happening too. There were a few that came to seek shelter and were apologetic that they came early for their activities or were lingering afterwards because it was so cool here. Let me put out the welcome mat! We have central air, we have Wi-Fi, we have a “mancave” in the basement with shuffleboard and pool tables, and a library and a sitting room upstairs with comfy chairs and a jigsaw puzzle always on the go – please feel free to enjoy your house on any day and time; not just when your activities are scheduled.  If you’re A/C is not up to the task at home, then hang out here with me for a while. I promise I won’t put you to work filing…

We have some seats free on our coach to Ottawa for Yoga on Parliament Hill and everyone is welcome to join in for a special day in the nation’s capitol. Call Susan at 613-925-5300 if you’d like to come along. Reminder that we’ll be leaving here at 10am on July 18th and have a scheduled pick up at the Spencerville park n’ ride. We head back south after our lunch and shopping stop, so will be home in time for dinner. I have confirmed our tickets for “Harvest” on July 20th at the Springer Theatre in Gananoque but we can still add more tickets for that afternoon, as well.

We gathered to share one last coffee with Barb Martin on Tuesday and wish her and Dave all the best in Hudson and promise to visit. We are working to spiff up our gardens for the Communities in Bloom judge’s arrival for their coffee break on Monday July 16th at 9:15. Everyone of our wonderful volunteers who have helped us water, weed, or plant our sharing garden is welcome to stop in and have a chat with them.

We had only one table for euchre last week due to the nasty heat, so they just played for fun and didn’t take score but here are this week’s bridge scores: Monday 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Geri Leclair, 3rd- John Walsh. Saturday, 1st- Geri Leclair, 2nd- Dave Martin


June 28 Krista Cameron was all fired up!

Krista was able to get all the glazed pieces through her kiln and delivered them to me here last week so this is a call out to all our pottery students to come on by and pick up your pieces. They are upside down in the kitchen so that your names are visible and they are so gorgeous! The gang that attended the glazing workshop did their best to dip all the pieces using different colours and techniques and we hope you are thrilled with the results! The only remaining instruction from our teacher is to give the bottoms a quick sanding with any household sandpaper before you use them just to smooth it out.

I’ve talked about the adult aqua fit classes and know that many of our members have been going all June and loving it, but here’s some great news about our pool now that summer is officially here. Starting in July, Public Swimming is free Every Day!  Mon, Wed, and Fri from 1-4 and 7:30 – 8:30 and on Tues and Thurs from 1-4, weekends there is public swimming from 1-6. If you haven’t used our pool in a few years then you should check it out. The water is heated to a comfortable temperature and there is a handrail with stairs to get in and out if the ladder is not your thing.

I had a visit with Sue Turner and she has given me the names of the stores we will be visiting after lunch on July 18th when we go to Ottawa for Yoga on the Hill. There are two stores: Singing Pebbles Books which also carries lots of  CDs, crystals and other goodies all with a focus towards relaxation. It’s where she gets all of the music she uses during her yoga classes. Right next door is 3 Trees importers full of all sorts of treasures from what I understand. I have had some questions about lunch so thought I’d clarify how it works for first timers to the Green Door. As you know if you’ve been a follower of Sue’s one of the tenants of yoga is Ahimsa which loosely translates to doing no harm (to others or oneself) and compassion, so on any yoga event we typically eat vegetarian food and The Green Door is a wonderful vegetarian buffet where the selections change daily and they are especially known for their soups and baked goods. Patrons fill their plates and then pay by weight for their meal but you can also purchase take-out if you want to bring some soup or goodies home. Sue has been having internet issues in her new home but will be online shortly for registrations or you can pop in to Walker House with cash or a cheque for $15 and join us on our adventure! A quick phone call to me at 613-925-5300 will hold your spot.

Don’t forget to sign up and come for our red and white celebration lunch Friday June 29th. It’s $8 at 11:30 and our menu is pasta with your choice of tomato and meat sauce or creamy alfredo (or mix them both and make a rose!) we have Caesar salad and garlic bread to accompany our pasta and fresh local strawberries with cream for our dessert. In keeping with our theme, I have a fun red and white Canada Day basket full of surprises that you can win just by scanning your attendance card in June – I’ll make the draw at lunch.

Here are this week’s card scores: Monday Bridge: 1st – John Walsh, 2nd- Mona Smith, 3rd- Ron Harvie. Saturday Bridge: 1st- Ron Harvie, 2nd- Mona Smith. Euchre: 1st- Findlay Hill, 2nd- Elaine Bolton, 3rd- Jean French, consolation- Jean Annable.

Clip out our regular schedule of events


Walker House Regularly Scheduled Activities

623 King St W, Prescott

613-925-5300 -


Monday -      1pm - bridge

                     5:30 – weight watchers

                     7:00 pm – 3rd Monday - SGGOFA

Tuesday   -   9:30-scrabble

10 am – noon: drop in for coffee

                     1pm - crafts (bring your own work and some organized crafts)  

Wednesday -9 am – 2nd & last Wed – traditional rug hooking                    

                     1pm - art - quiet studio time and some lessons

                     1pm – woodcarving upstairs with Korny and Peter                    

 Thursday – 9:30 am – yoga with Sue Turner at St. Paul’s United Church

                    11am-  chair yoga with Sue Turner at St Paul’s in the parlour

                     8:00 -1pm – bunka, hardanger, Swedish weaving, rug punch

                   1:30 –euchre and cribbage

Friday -       9:30 am- knitting and crochet

11:30 –members lunch – usually on the last Friday (sign up)

                    1:00 pm – pepper (bid euchre)

Saturday -            9-1(winter) Swedish weaving, bunka, hardanger, rug punch

1:30 – Bridge


                      * Have an idea for something you’d like to see on our calendar or an activity you’d like to share?  Pass it on; we are all ears!

We meet often for special events and take trips both near and far and the information for those will be on the board in the main room. Another way to find out what is happening is to get on our email list. 


Membership to Walker House is only $15 per year for locals with an additional $25 fee to the town if you live outside the town limits.  Everyone is welcome to participate in a few events to decide if Walker House is a good fit for them before they need to commit. Our programs are open to adults in Prescott and the surrounding communities.

The program director is Susan; she works Monday to Friday. Please see her if you have any questions or check out our website at

MosaiCanada 150 Topiary Exhibit

Here is the chair from our chair workshop, with members Rosemary and Steven enjoying their creations.