Walker House continually runs special classes and trips. Times and dates change occasionally. Check here for the latest updates.  

Caregiver art therapy with a focus on self-care and resiliency exploration through the creative process. For their partners, the session will focus on connection, sensory engagement and self-expression through art and take place next door at the health centre community room. Session number one starts at 10am on Monday January 13th with a snow date of Monday, January 20th. We will gather for lunch at noon before we depart for home. Session number 2 takes place on Thursday, February 20th at 12:30 and we will gather for afternoon tea at 2:30. The workshops are being delivered by Ottawa Art Therapy.


Supper Club Tuesday, January 28th at 5pm. Celebrate Lunar New Year (often known as Chinese New Year) 


Friday, January 31st at 11:30  AGM 


Hamilton, the musical, Ed Mirvish Theatre, Toronto, Wednesday, May 13th 2020


Wellness Walks Thursdays 4:00 pm





Our snow day policy: As a rule of thumb, if the school buses are running then so are our scheduled programs. When the buses aren’t running, the deciding factor comes down to common sense more than anything. If buses are cancelled but the roads and weather here are good, then odds are you will find things happening here.